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Eating at your desk

May 8, 2008

I used to be guilty of this.  For years I would just eat my lunch at my desk and not think a thing of it.  That was when I didn’t have someone sitting right across for me.  For years I had great desks.  Well, over the past few months, since I moved to another part of the office, I now understand how annoying this can be. 

The smells.  The smacking.  The gulping.  The talking with their mouth full.  It’s disgusting.  Actually, I should really separate the two.  First of all, someone comes back with their lunch (either nuked in the microwave or a quick stop at good burger) and soon the smell is wafting over to my side.  If I have not had lunch or, maybe, not going to have lunch, just that smell is horrible to deal with.  Now, if I have had lunch or, worse, if what they are eating is nasty (such as egg salad), I don’t want to smell that.  Any sort of smell has no place at a desk where I am crunching numbers and trying to work.  That’s why we have a break room!

Secondly, eat with your mouth closed!!!  I have this co-worker who sits across from me.  They cannot eat lunch without smacking their lips, gulping their drink, occasionally burping ( heard right) and laughing when they have a load in their mouth. 

Anyone else have this problem (those of you in offices)? 

Let’s get a moratorium on the “I’m just too busy to leave my desk for 15 minutes while I eat even though I am getting no work done anyway since I am eating but I still don’t want to walk to the break room” kind of people.