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BUY IT!!!!!

November 7, 2009

Ah, yes, the Democrats show us just how much they believe in Freedom as they force you to buy insurance or go to jail.

Hey!  Mark Elrod!  How is that “tolerance” you say Democrats believe in so strongly working out for ya?


Fox News is not “News”

October 20, 2009

Oh, you gotta know the Liberal whiners are  just loving this:

Dirty Liberals

September 14, 2009

Great link:

Can I get a defense of the trash Liberals left?  Anyone?

Ya gotta wonder…

August 10, 2009

What Liberals such as Mark Elrod are saying about all these so called “mobs” at these Town halls.  Is he for or against these people exercising their free speech?  I mean, I remember his old public blog and how he laughed at Conservatives getting shouted down and literally chased off the stage.  What is he saying about Pelosi calling people who are against Govco health care as “un-American”?  Or about Obama sending out Union thugs to “hit back twice as hard” ? 

You have to wonder and wonder we shall since he retreated to his bunker a year ago…

Democrats refuse to listen

April 25, 2009

It really should come as NO surprise.  At the House energy and commerce meeting on “climate change” on Friday, the Democrats brought forth the guru of lies, Al Gore, to testify.  The GOP had a skeptic flown in from England.  A former Science adviser to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and global warming skeptic Lord Christopher Monckton.  But, alas, the Democrats slammed the door in Lord Moncktons face and refused to let him testify as well.

Is this not very familiar?  Liberals not letting the other side speak?  Tom Tancredo, Ann Coulter, Limbaugh, Fox News, Conservatives in Hollywood….even me (remember when Mark Elrod first banned me from his site and then took the whole thing private?)  Well, the list goes on and on.  Whenever Conservatives try to speak, they get shouted down, refused and, in many cases, violence is used against them to shut them up. 

I just have one question:


Waxman?  Pelosi?  Frank?  Elrod?  Boxer?  Schumer?  Obama?  Come on.  What are you afraid of? 


Liberals for free speech

April 16, 2009

Former Congressman Tom Tancredo was at UNC yesterday to give a lecture/speech on illegal immigration and what do ya know…a bunch of pissy Liberals come and shout him down and it erupts in violence.  From some of the witnesses and students, it was a few Professors who were egging the students on to protest.

Now, what I want to know is where are all you Liberals who cry and bitch and moan about free speech on college campuses?  How people like Mark Elrod should be allowed to say anything he wants and keep his job?  Where are you and your remarks about this and other incidents concerning Conservatives?  I mean, time and time and time and time again Conservatives are shouted down while trying to give speeches.  How many Liberals are shouted down and forced off stage?

We could keep on going.  From the fairness doctrine to Hollywood actors who are conservative to authors…it’s all the same.  Liberals only want to hear/listen/read what THEY deem is the right kind of speech, namely, their point of view.  Any and all others should be banned.

Yep, Liberals…they sure do love freedom.

Tea Party Protests

April 16, 2009

Have you seen how the left and the media has portrayed these protests yesterday?  CNN was calling it a rradical right wing extremist Fox News events.  What does Fox News have to do with protesting socialism and taxes?????  WTF? 

Oh, that Mark Elrod had not run into his bunker last year.  It would be wonderful to hear how he is probably doing the same thing yet all the events and protests he was part of were for the good of the country against those evil Republicans and George Bush. 

Don’t have much time now but I will try to post more about the events later.

Economy is Obama’s

March 3, 2009

The WSJ has a great article on how Obama is running out of people to blame as the market drops more and more points each day. 

It’s true and you really would have a difficult time trying to pin the current drop on Wall Street to Bush (although, I am sure Mark Elrod will find a way).  Every time one of Obama’s advisers talks about the economy or every time the Liberals pass another spending bill or whenever Obama talks about what he is going to do (such as tax the rich and business), the market tanks. 

Take a look at the article and I look forward to your responses.


January 26, 2009

So, now, birth control is a stimulus to the economy.  Have you seen all the pork, besides this birth control idiocy, that is attached to the so called stimulus bill?  It’s a joke!  Computers in the classrooms, money for roads, etc….nothing of which will truly spur on the economy much.  Remember, FDR tried this and we actually had a depression within the great depression in 1937.   How about some real stimulus…cutting our taxes!  If they put a MORATORIUM on income taxes for, say, one or two months, can you imagine the money that would be going back into the economy?  But, no, Govco would never, ever do that!

What I want to know is where Mark Elrod stands on this pork.  I mean, when the GOP controlled congress he would constantly harp on the pork in their bills.  How about it Mark?  Are you going to be just as critical of this pork bill?

Where is the change?

November 26, 2008


That is what we heard for much of the Obama campaign.  He talked about setting a new tone in Washington.  That he was not the same old D.C. insider.  That, if you choose Hillary or others, you would be getting the same old thing.  That his administration would be new.  Would not be Washington insiders.  In fact, I think Mark Elrod pushed this idea as well and was just about crying over how different this administration would be.

Have you seen his cabinet so far?

Mr. Obama, we are still waiting for this so called “change”.