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Quote of the day

October 17, 2008

From The View:

JOY BEHAR, co-host: “Joe the Plumber doesn’t have a business yet, he’s fantasizing about a business he’s going to have.”

ELIZABETH HASSELBECK, co-host: “Fantasizing?! This is a man who’s trying to realize his hard work.”

BEHAR: “Excuse me! Fantasizing is a very legitimate term to describe somebody who’s predicting the future for themselves. Creative visualization, okay.”

So, Joy, I guess kids who go to college shouldn’t think about what they want to do after college.  I mean, somone going to Medical School shouldn’t even think much less talk about being a Doctor someday.  What are you doing for Christmas Joy?  Are you planning on traveling to see family? Better not.  After all, it’s just a fantasy that you will actually do that.

Typical Liberal.  They scoff at people who try to better themselves.  After all, that’s what Govco is for.

Maybe I should change this to idiot of the day.