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September 15, 2009

I’m so glad to see that so many of the political pundits (mostly Conservative) were right.  They all said, even during the primaries, that any real criticism of Obama would be called racist.  That’s exactly what we are seeing now.  Have you seen what the liberals are saying all over the media? It’s really sick.

You know, I am even more convinced now that many blogs went private (aka retreated to the bunker) because they knew there was no way they could defend what Obama would do and they knew that Obama would do many of the exact same things they chided the GOP for.

I knew Obama would fail and fail miserably but didn’t realize it would be so quick!


Wuss of the day

May 27, 2009

Mark McKinnon:

Memo to my party: Blasting targets like Sonia Sotomayor and Colin Powell is a surefire strategy to guarantee our extinction.


We should be on our knees praising Colin Powell for declaring that he has not, despite the desire of some narrow and vocal forces within the GOP, left the party. Because if he does, we might as well turn the lights out.

This guy and so many others are exactly WHY the GOP is losing.  Throw him and Lindsey Graham and Tom Ridge and John McCain out of the bus, run them over a few times and then kick their ass for good measure.  Then and only then will the GOP start to actually win.


January 26, 2009

So, now, birth control is a stimulus to the economy.  Have you seen all the pork, besides this birth control idiocy, that is attached to the so called stimulus bill?  It’s a joke!  Computers in the classrooms, money for roads, etc….nothing of which will truly spur on the economy much.  Remember, FDR tried this and we actually had a depression within the great depression in 1937.   How about some real stimulus…cutting our taxes!  If they put a MORATORIUM on income taxes for, say, one or two months, can you imagine the money that would be going back into the economy?  But, no, Govco would never, ever do that!

What I want to know is where Mark Elrod stands on this pork.  I mean, when the GOP controlled congress he would constantly harp on the pork in their bills.  How about it Mark?  Are you going to be just as critical of this pork bill?

Voter Fraud

October 16, 2008

Just read an article on how some 200,000 Ohio voters have discrepancies in their records for voting.  A court of appeals sided with the GOP and ordered the Secretary of State to set up a system to provide those names to county election boards. 

Seems fair.  I mean, after Florida in 2000 and other instances of fraud around the country, isn’t it just common sense to make sure that only people registered should vote and only vote once?  Well, the Ohio Secretary of State, a Democrat mind you, doesn’t think so.  She is concerned that the ruling is a veiled attempt to disenfranchise voters.    Oh, give me a friggin’ break!!  What a bunch of BS.  Whenever the GOP tries to make the system fair with things such as Voter ID cards or just simply re-checking records, we get the tired old screams of “Racism!” or “Disenfranchisement!”.  Please.  Here is what Julian Bond, chairman of the NAACP said recently of the GOP’s attempt at investigating ACORN:

“Republicans have practiced an assortment of subtle and overt methods to suppress and smother voter registration and turnout”

It’s funny, really.  the majority of voter fraud in the U.S. over the past, say, 50 years, have been Democratic voter fraud.  From dead people voting in Chicago back in the 60’s to ACORN and their current scandals, Democrats have been chest deep in making sure that cheat.  It’s really the only way they can pull off wins.  

How can anyone be against making sure only registered voters can vote and that they are allowed to vote?  Um..that would be the people who cheat.

More wisdom from Jimmy Carter

October 11, 2008

Did you see that Carter blames Bush for the economic crisis?  Ok, is that not the pot calling the kettle black?  The guy who is possibly the worst President in history on economics is pointing the finger at Bush?  The guy who gave us double digit interest rates?  What a loser.  This is really laughable.  Even Bill Clinton has come out and taken some of the blame for everything going on due to his policies from the 90’s and the lack of the Democrats to approve more regulation.

Hey, Jimmy….who was it that proposed regulation of Fannie and Freddie back in 2004?  Um, that would be President Bush and the GOP.  Who was it that voted it down?  Yeah, that would be the Democrats. 

This video really says a lot.  I mean, BIG TIME.  Any self respecting Democrat cannot possibly defend their party after watching it.  Well…then again, there is Mark Elrod.   I only wish he had the guts to be out in public instead of down in his bunker so we could chat him up about this.  

Anyway, isn’t it past time for Jimmy to shut-up?

God is on their side…?

September 1, 2008

 So, Don Fowler, former Chairman of the DNC, stated that the timing of Hurricane Gustav and the GOP convention means that God is on the Democrats side.  Nice. Remember whenever the nut jobs on the far religious right say things like this or that a certain disaster was God punishing the homosexuals, it was all over the media and the front pages of every paper.  It was shouted from the roof tops about how disgusting the right is.  How the GOP is, once again, aligned itself with lunatics. 

Huh. Where is the outrage here?  I don’t hear much more than a peep from the main stream media.   I remember hearing almost daily at the Mark Elrod or Kendall-Ball site about how horrible it is that some Christians believe that God only shines on the GOP or that you can’t be a Democrat and a Christian.   Where are they now? 

All I know is that those Democrats…yeah, they sure are compassionate!

Howard Dean and Race

August 18, 2008

So, Howard stepped in it again.  Typical Liberal…plays the race card.  What is sad is that people STILL believe that it’s the GOP that is racist and not the Democrats even though they are always the ones who bring up race.   Here is his quote:

“Our party has been a no majority party for a long time … We are the party of opportunity. We are an inclusive, accepting party. If you look at folks of color, even women, they are more successful in the Democrat party than they are in the white … I mean the Republican Party.”

 Is he still harboring ill feelings about how he blew it back in 2000?

Mainstream media vs Blogs

August 1, 2008

If you read or listen to the mainstream media, you probably never heard about John Edwards and his supposed affair and “love child” from it.  The National Enquirer started reporting on it last year and recently, it has really put the pressure on and some intriguing things have come to surface.  Now, this is not a post ripping on Edwards but more on the media.  The Charlotte Observer, Edwards main cheering section and supporter over the last few years has finally commented on it.  Check out these quotes:

One reason mainstream media did not report the story earlier is that the truth has been hard to determine.

Blogs are quick to criticize such reluctance as a failure of the mainstream media, but the thing that distinguishes good newspapers is that they make every attempt to verify details of such a story before publishing.

Well, gee…the mainstream media sure didn’t waste any time back in 2004 with Bush and the National Guard story.  They sure didn’t waste time with the Gulliani affair.  They didn’t seem to want to wait for facts with the Tom Delay story.  How about when there were rumors of McCain having an affair?  I seem to remember the media jumping all over that.  Newt and his dying wife and the affair – they spread that out like a hooker on Friday night.  Bill Bennett and gambling…the list could go on and on.  The mainstream has no problem announcing the bad news if it is the GOP and hiding it for as long as possible if it is a Democrat. 

Typical.   Fact is, if it wasn’t for the blogs the how CBS/Dan Rather National Guard story would still be reported as fact.

What it amounts to is plain old cover up and lazy ass reporting.


July 24, 2008

Check out the headline of this story from USA Today:

Republican National Committee airs anti-Obama ads

The leftist media is nothing is not subtle.  Nothing like getting that nice negative word “anti” out there.  It’s the same when the GOP runs ads and they call them “attack ads” but when the Dems run them they are “insightful” or “hard hitting”. 


But, just let Fox News do something and the the world is coming to an end.

What if…

July 21, 2008

Townhall has a good article today by Austin Hill on what if Obama loses.  I have been thinking along these lines as well.  I firmly believe that if he does lose (which I don’t see) that first, the media and the left will come out swinging with statements such as “This proves that America is still racist” or “People still cannot get past the color issue.”  Secondly, I believe that the left will incite another “stolen election” campaign.  They have been whining about the GOP stealing elections since 2000 (even when the majority of voter fraud found is by the Dems).  Third, due to the first and second issues, there will be riots and protest marches in several major cities.  Forth, there will be a full scale investigation by both the Congress and by the U.N. backed, in no small way, by the Democratic party.  

With the left stirring the pot, I can’t really see this playing out any other way.