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Quote of the day

March 23, 2010

Neal Boortz:

Never in the history of the United States has the Congress ever passed a law which required any citizen to enter into a contract with another citizen or a private business against their will …… Never, that is, until now. How’s that for change?


Lie of the day

April 30, 2009


“Number one, we inherited a $1.3 trillion deficit…. That wasn’t me.”

Hmmmm…let’s see…YOU were in Congress the last four years.  YOU voted for the budget year after year.  YOU, as a Senator, not the President, passes the budget.  YOUR party, the Democrats, have held Congress for the past two years.  Well, as far as I can see it WAS you.


January 30, 2009

“It is shameful,” Obama said from the Oval Office Thursday. “And part of what we’re going to need is for the folks on Wall Street who are asking for help to show some restraint, and show some discipline, and show some sense of responsibility.”

No, Mr. President,

What is shameful is that while the average American is struggling to pay bills, members of congress give themselves a pay raise. 

While the average American is cutting back on expenses, members of Congress enjoying dining in their private dining rooms and swim at their expensive health clubs.  They have multiple homes (one in D.C. and one in their home district). 

While average Americans are worrying about job losses Congress has one of the best retirement programs anywhere. 

While the average American is filled with worry and anxiety about how they will support their families, The President and Congress enjoy all the perks that those horrible “fat cats” on Wall Street get if not more. 

While average Americans wonder if they will even take a vacation this year or wonder about their kids birthday present, the President and the Democrats spend a record amount on his Inauguration.

While the average American puts off buying a new car and gets by with their old one or they “make do” with the broken dryer, the President spends OUR money redecorating the White House.

“There will be time for them to make profits, and there will be time for them to get bonuses … Now is not that time.”

Except for the tax cheat Timothy Gietner who just walked away with a nice $450,000 bonus from the Feds.  Also, so now Govco is going to tell us when we can make profits and when we can’t.  THAT is shameful Mr. President.  I hope you fail and fail big time.

Fairness? Bi-partisanship?

January 6, 2009

Bullsh*t is what it is.  Human Events is reporting that:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosiplans to re-write House rules today to ensure that the Republican minority is unable to have any influence on legislation. Pelosi’s proposals are so draconian, and will so polarize the Capitol, that any thought President-elect Obama has of bipartisan cooperation will be rendered impossible before he even takes office.

Pelosi’s rule changes — which may be voted on today — will reverse the fairness rules that were written around Newt Gingrich’s “Contract with America.”

But wait…what happened to Obama and his “Bi-partisanship”?  How is this a “new tone” for Washington?  What the hell?

Let me just say this…I really don’t have a problem with this in theory.   I mean, those who are in power should get to decide the rules (as long as they don’t violate the Constitution).  That was always the problem with Republicans.  They always tried to play nice and be fair and all that and the Democrats just throw mud and slime and crap back at them.  It’s something like this….a Democrat and Republican are fighting and suddenly the Democrat falls off a ledge but grabs on to a tree root and is hanging by a thread.  The Republican puts his hand out to help him and the Democrat just grabs his hand, yanks and throws him over the cliff and then climbs up himself.  That is how it has always been and how it is now.  What the Republicans need to do is, when that happens, just grab a club and start hammering aways at their hands and then kick them in the head to make sure they fall and then, for good measure, they need to push a few boulders down on top of them to make sure.

Anyway, my issue with all this is how the Democrats cry and whine and talk about “fairness” and “reaching across the aisle” and all that garbage and then they turn around and pull this stunt.  What a joke.

Are you getting a raise?

December 30, 2008

In this shaky, precarious economy, with businesses going bankrupt, layoffs and the like, it may be rare this year that people get their usual raise.  In fact, many companies are not just cutting back on raises but cutting back on 401k matches.  It’s rough.  Companies are getting bailed out by taxpayers and are still struggling. 

So, are you getting one?  Congress is.  They are getting, on average, close to a $5000 raise.  While you are struggling to make ends meet without any sort of increase and, in many cases, a decrease in your income, Congress fat cats sit back and rake in more money (from you).  Nice.  Remember, these are the SAME people who, just a few weeks ago, chastised the auto executives for taking private jets to Washington.  Hypocrites.

Oh…and don’t forget who has controlled Congress since 2006…DEMOCRATS!

Mitch Albom

December 16, 2008

A few weeks ago, Mitch Albom, a big time Liberal sports writer, posted an article about what he would say to Congress about the auto rescue.  He went on and on in his usual high pitched, whiny voice about the hypocrisy in congress and how they should ante up for the Big Three.  A few things caught my eye:


Which makes me wonder why you’re so against our kind of business? The kind we do in Detroit. The kind that gets your fingernails dirty. The kind where people use hammers and drills, not keystrokes. The kind where you get paid for making something, not moving money around a board and skimming a percentage.


Gee, Mitch…don’t YOU get paid for keystrokes?  So, the “bail out” requirements are now all about how dirty you get or the fact that you use hand tools? 


Anyway, he went on and on about how we can’t let the Big Three fail, how they have been around for over 100 years and they are the backbone of the country and then how horrible the big banks are and blah, blah, blah. 


Now, today, I read how the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press, next year, are going down to only three day delivery a week.  Thursday, Friday and Sunday.  They will still sell day to day at coin boxes, stores and newsstands.  This will help them better run their business in today’s age of digital news and the rising cost of ink and fuel.  They are finding a way to survive where many major newspapers around the country, such as the NY Times, are going bankrupt.  I find this very interesting and give them big kudos for making this move.  It shows that at least one Detroit company is seeking out ways to survive…unlike the Big Three who just run to Govco for with their hand out.


My question for little Mitch is….with his paper having to cut 9% of their work force, where is your column on how horrible this is?  How they need a bail out?  How these people work with their hands and need help?  Where is your column on how you are going to work for less pay or how the salaries of the Newspaper executives need to be cut?  Come on, Mitch.  We’re waiting….


…actually, I am really waiting for Albom to shut-up and stick to sports.