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Voter Fraud

October 16, 2008

Just read an article on how some 200,000 Ohio voters have discrepancies in their records for voting.  A court of appeals sided with the GOP and ordered the Secretary of State to set up a system to provide those names to county election boards. 

Seems fair.  I mean, after Florida in 2000 and other instances of fraud around the country, isn’t it just common sense to make sure that only people registered should vote and only vote once?  Well, the Ohio Secretary of State, a Democrat mind you, doesn’t think so.  She is concerned that the ruling is a veiled attempt to disenfranchise voters.    Oh, give me a friggin’ break!!  What a bunch of BS.  Whenever the GOP tries to make the system fair with things such as Voter ID cards or just simply re-checking records, we get the tired old screams of “Racism!” or “Disenfranchisement!”.  Please.  Here is what Julian Bond, chairman of the NAACP said recently of the GOP’s attempt at investigating ACORN:

“Republicans have practiced an assortment of subtle and overt methods to suppress and smother voter registration and turnout”

It’s funny, really.  the majority of voter fraud in the U.S. over the past, say, 50 years, have been Democratic voter fraud.  From dead people voting in Chicago back in the 60’s to ACORN and their current scandals, Democrats have been chest deep in making sure that cheat.  It’s really the only way they can pull off wins.  

How can anyone be against making sure only registered voters can vote and that they are allowed to vote?  Um..that would be the people who cheat.