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Unions II

May 16, 2007


In the news recently I read that about a school in California where test scores were low.  Teachers decided to spend the 1/2 hour of lesson planning they got at the end of the day for additional teaching of language skills as many of the students did not speech English.  Well, guess what?  The unions didn’t like it one bit. For one thing, the teachers were not getting paid for that half hour of teaching.  Also, they have certain laws regarding one teacher working more than another teacher.
What kind of BS is this???  This is exactly what is wrong with Unions.  They reward medocricy.  They punish hard work.  They seek only one thing…power which is exactly why we need a moratorium on them.

Post Script to the story is that the Principal took a vote of all the Teachers to see if they wanted to continue with this.  The vote had to be unanimous.  It was. Every single Teacher voted to keep on with this “extra” teaching and they saw an improvement in test scores and grades.