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Piano Players

August 20, 2007


Mick Jagger does it.  So does Springsteen.  Seger, Sheryl Crow and, I am sure, others do it as well.  It drives me crazy!!!!  It’s nothing but showboating by an artist that just needs to show up to be THE show.  What do they do?  They play the piano.  Take Springsteen for example.  He has the whole E-Street band to back him up which includes a keyboardist.  So, what does Bruce do during one song.  He has the keyboardist step backstage and Bruce goes over and plays the piano for a song.  WHY?  Does the other guy not know that song?  No, it is just to show everyone that he can also play the piano. 

 As I said, Mick does it as well.  They even bring out an extra one for him and he plays along with the regular keyboardist (Chuck Levell). 

 Sure, it’s not a big deal but it still looks so tacky and staged. 

 Anyway, let’s get a moratorium on this!!


Global Warming Part 3

April 24, 2007

Ok, now I see the Global Warming nuts want it both ways (figuratively speaking, of course).  Here are a few examples: 
1. Record number of  hurricanes hit the US  in 2005 = Global Warming.  No Hurricanes hit the US in 2006 = Global Warming
2. Heat wave in January =  Global Warming.  Cold snap in April = Global Warming
3. Drought = Global Warming.  Massive rain fall = Global Warming

You see, this is why they cannot be taken seriously. 

 Oh, yeah…speaking of Wackos, did you see where Sheryl Crow thinks we should conserve toilet paper now?  Only use 1 square per restroom visit.  Maybe 2 or 3 on those “pesky” occasions.  I don’t know about you but I usually don’t have a square to spare.  I can’t spare a square!  I did like Rosie’s comment about it: “Have you seen my ass?”.

Even so, I still love her music.  That is the conundrum I face many times.  Having to look past their politics and just enjoy the music.  It’s tough sometimes but if you enjoy it, you can get past it.  Just shut-up and rock!

Let’s have a 10 year moratorium on artists trying to be scientists.