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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

March 24, 2008

Guess who is NOT in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? 

Kiss, Yes, Genesis, T Rex, Alice Cooper, Grand Funk Railroad, Chicago, BTO, Deep Purple, Guess Who, Linda Ronstadt, Moody Blues, ELO, Bad Finger, Blood Sweat & Tears, Blue Oyster Cult, Boston, Cars, Cheap Trick, Dire Straits, Doobie Brothers, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Bad Company, Heart, Humble Pie, J. Geils Band, Jethro Tull, Joe Cocker, Journey, Mitch Ryder, New York Dolls, Peter Frampton, Rush, Procol Harum, REO Speedwagon, Steppenwolf, Steve Miller, Styx, Ted Nugent, Warren Zevon, Pat Benetar…

This is just a partial list!  I mean, there probably would be no Madonna without Pat Benatar yet she just got in.  What a crock.  It’s all commercial now.  How sad.

 Anyway, let’s get a moratorium on the lame induction process for the hall of fame and get some of these cornerstones in there!


The Essence of a band

April 20, 2007

The question here  is: When the “essence” of a band leaves, is it still THAT band.  Take Lynyrd Skynyrd for example.  They are still touring but when Ronnie Van Zant died back in the 70’s, that, for all intents and purposes, ended the band.  The group that is touring now is only Lynyrd Skynyrd by name.  The Marshall Tucker Band is another good example of this.

Van Halen is a puzzler.  When Roth left in 1985, did Van Halen end?  I would argue no.  Roth AND Eddie Van Halen were both the essence of VH.  I would even argue that Eddie more so than Roth was the true essence of the band with his signature guitar playing.  If it was Eddie that left, then IMHO Van Halen would have ended.  I think that VH with Sammy was just as much Van Halen as with Roth, just different.

Take Mick or Keith from the Stones and you no longer have The Rolling Stones.  Brian Jones, Mick Taylor and Bill Wyman make no difference.  These  days though, after over 40 yrs of rocking,  take Charlie out and I don’t think you have the Rolling Stones anymore.  Maybe 10 years ago you would have but not now.

J. Geils Band without Peter Wolf?  Nope.

10,000 Maniacs without Natalie Merchant? No dice

Fleetwood Mac without Christine McVie?  Sure. 

ACDC without Bon Scott?  Sure, esp when they got a guy who sounds exactly like him!

I do like how Queen did it.  Of course Queen without Freddie  Mercury is not really Queen but they wanted to get out and rock some more so they got Paul Rodgers from Bad Company and they called themselves Paul Rodgers + Queen.  Not just Queen. 

Anyway, how about a 30 year moratorium on bands that keep going without their essence?

Rolling Stones

January 23, 2007


Yes.  They are old.  We know that.  They have been rocking for 45 years strong and show no signs of stopping.  Each tour they continue to show they truly are the Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the WORLD.  Did I point out they are old and we know that?  Since we all know that, let’s have a nice 45 year moratorium on old jokes.  They are, pardon the pun, getting old.  Especially from people who are of similar age themselves. You know, I thought they were funny as well….but they are OLD.  If I kept telling you the same joke every year, would it get better? 

I could understand if they couldn’t perform anymore or sounded horrible or looked…well…they don’t really look that good anymore, I will admit that but they do still look cool.  Anyway, if they could no longer perform, fine, I would welcome more jokes but they can still rock better then many of the young punks out there.