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Global Debate

August 8, 2007

AlgoreSo, what’s the problem with Al?  If he is so confident and so passionate and so right about all this global warming crap, why doesn’t he debate the issue?  Why doesn’t he at least discuss it with folks who are against it?  Because he knows he won’t win.  Because he knows that his utter hypocrisy will show through. 

He was recently challenged to a debate but refuses.  I love this quote from Dennis Avery who has challenged Gore to a debate and is co-author of the book “Unstoppable Global Warming Every 1,500 Years.”:

 “If global warming truly is the most important public policy issue of our day, then it is high time the public got to hear the arguments from both sides matched up against each other,”

 Check out some of Gore’s detractors: Prof. S. Fred Singer (former director of the U.S. National Weather Service), Tim Ball, Ph.D. (historical climatologist), Prof. Ian Clark (University of Ottawa), and Prof. Richard Lindzen (MIT).  Just to name a few.

 Once again, let’s get a moratorium on global warming.