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April 4, 2008


Do ANY of the Liberals up on Capitol Hill have any sense?  Do any of the so called Conservatives up there have any backbone?  Why, why, why is there this constant ignorance between profits and profit margins?  Why has the word profit turned into a 4 letter nasty word?  I wonder…when will congress call these folks up to testify:

  • Actors/Actresses who make over $20 million per movie
  • Union bigwigs who rake in the bucks
  • School administrators who, in some districts, make close to half a million a year
  • Professional athletes
  • Software manufacturers
  • Steve Jobs or Bill Gates
  • Paris Hilton
  • Obama and Hillary who make tons of money off selling books of lies
  • Spineless college professors

All these people are paid well.  All these people make huge amounts of money.  Why is Congress not concerned with their income or profit?  Why are they concerned with profits at all?  If it is done legally, what difference does it make?  How much do you think it takes to make an Ipod?  Probably less than $100 but they sell these things for $400 a pop!  SO?  It is the market that decides how much something is worth.  If no one bought it, do you really think they could still charge that?

Let’s get a moratorium on useless congressional crap. 

You’re homework, congress, is to tell us the difference between a profit and a profit margin and how much the profit margin increased for the big oil companies in the past few years.



April 1, 2008


Well, what do you know.  Another Liberal being…well…a Liberal.    Check out this article by Robyn Blumner.  I’ll highlight a few of her best points:

The market is not the best part of America. Not even close. Our government is the best part — or at least it used to be before the current gang took over.

Really? Is that why our founders believed that Government was the biggest threat to the survival of America?  Govco had NOTHING to do with my success nor the success of many of my family and friends.  Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Oprah, Brad Pitt, the list could go on of mega successes without the help of Govco.

Ultimately, it is government that defines who we are and lays out a path for how our society will be. The market wouldn’t have built a uniform system of roads and bridges or provided free public education. It wouldn’t have guaranteed minimum wages or insisted on safe workplaces.

Is that why the pothole on that road never gets fixed?  Is that why, in some cities it takes 30 years to build a interstate loop while it only takes a few years for a private investor to build a skyscraper that reaches to, well, the sky?  Oh, and public schools?  Yeah, they are sooooooooo great.  In fact, don’t the homeschooling kids usually win the spelling B’s?  Ha!

Only government can reset the scales and make this country a fair place again, where you don’t have to be a master-of-the-universe class member to know that you can afford college for your kids and a decent retirement for yourself. When the government stopped helping the middle class, the prosperity of this land stopped getting shared.

“Fair” for whom?  What is “fair”?  Also, since when did retirement and college become an entitlement? 

If this credit crunch and the pain to come teaches us anything, it is that when the market is allowed to operate without supervision and regulation, insuperable greed will overcome rational, prudent behavior.

And those companies are paying for it now.  It’s not like they got off Scot-free.  Thousands are out of jobs now because of the behavior of some.  Hundreds of companies are now closed because of certain practices.  I guess she doesn’t have a problem when the greed of the media overcomes rational, prudent behavior.

Of course, she has no problem at all with Govco bailing consumers out but doesn’t like them bailing out companies.  What is the difference? Why should Govco help someone who bought a home they could not afford and, in some cases, did it by lying about their assets and income?  I for one don’t think they should help out either the homeowner OR the mortgage companies.  People make mistakes and, in many cases, they reap what they sowed and learn a hard lesson.  Sometimes painfully hard.

Anyway, I vote for a moratorium on Socialism and Liberalism.


March 19, 2008


Ok, can we get a moratorium on this Obamamania.  I mean, take a look at the Liberal Mark Elrod site.  The guy and his pointy head, pompous followers are just about passing out whenever Obama burps.    Check out some of the comments by Elrod:

 Obama said, we can either keep making race and religion an issue in American politics and imposing an informal religious test to candidate, or we can move on to something more substantial.

Sorry to break it to Elrod but the only person making this about race is Obama.  Here is more:

I’ve been thinking a lot about all of the sermons, chapel talks and other speakers I’ve listened to over the years and not walked out on or condemned.In most of those cases, I was just being polite but I can see where someone might conclude (incorrectly) that I agreed with everything that was said because I didn’t say “I don’t agree with everything he just said”.

Give me a break.  Elrod is actually equating the hate mongering SERMON of Obama’s Minister to listening to something and not leaving because you are being polite?  What a joke!  Check out this from one of Elrod’s lapdogs:

The conservative right is determined to make race an issue.

Sorry Dude but the ONLY one making race an issue is the guy who supposedly “transcends race”. 

Here is one of the best ones by some dude named JH

White people have used black people like chattel for many centuries. White people still treat black people very badly. Black people are angry about the way they have been treated in the past and continue to be treated today. Black people complain about it, sometimes bitterly. White people have a cow.Looking at the situation as impartially as I can, I’m tempted to go even farther than Rev. Wright. Shut up, white people. You’re being ridiculous.

First of all, this dude NEVER looks at ANYTHING impartially.  Second, let me get this straight, if your black, because of slavery, you can say ANYTHING you want and others just have to accept it?  Actually, this is the Liberal bed-wetting victim philosophy.  Liberals always throw “victims” up as spokespeople so you can’t refute anything they say.  They do this with 9/11 widows, with minorities, Cindy Sheehan and others.  They can say anything and if you say anything against them it’s “What are you doing? Don’t you know she lost a son in Iraq? How dare you!!!!”.  Can you imagine what these Jersey Wearers would say if Pat Robertson said something like this?  They would not only crucify him but they would lump Bush and the rest of the GOP in with him because they firmly beleive in guilt by association…except when it’s a Liberal, then it’s different.  What a joke.

Of course, you can’t really blame Elrod and his little puppies.  They are only doing what he does best.  Be a hypocrite.  Elrod is always one of the first ones to rip into the GOP and point out guilt by association but never with a Liberal.  He was blogging about the Mark Foley scandal almost before Drudge got to it but didn’t post a thing about Eliot Spitzer for about a week.

 Anyway, unless something changes, it looks like I might get that Moratorium I have been calling for on Hillary so maybe I should start calling for on on Obama.  Wait! Scratch that.  I’ll just call for a Moratorium on Socialists and that should cover them all.


Bob Dylan

December 11, 2007


Along the same lines as Lennon, another artist that is SO overrated is Dylan.  I just don’t understand the way the press as well as other artists bow down to him and his lyrics.  I mean, if his voice doesn’t turn you off, his face has got to!  If he had a decent voice, I could probably get into his stuff but when you throw that face and that voice together with typical liberal rhetoric, it is just such a downer.

 Just as with Lennon, if Dylan had not been singing his anti-war songs or his political mumbo jumbo he would be just another forgotten has been from the 60’s.  

Actually, the only thing I really like of his is the stuff he did with the Traveling Wilburys.  Now THAT was good.

Let’s have a moratorium on bowing down at the feet of Bobby.

Protest Songs

November 18, 2007










You know, I like Bruce Springsteen.  I really do.  I have 8 of his albums plus a box set.  I have seen him in concert twice.   I really like Jackson Brown as well.  CSNY, also.  I really enjoy many rockers who write protest songs.  I just picked up the latest Eagles album and there are some on there.  It’s still a good album. 

Well, listening to the Eagles album got me thinking about these songs.  I really don’t mind the generic protest songs.  CSNY have a great song called “Clear Blue Skies”.  Yeah, it’s an environmentalist song but it is still very good.  I am a Patriot by Jackson Brown is another good one.

 I gotta tell ya though…the protest songs I hate are the specific ones.  Neil Young singing “Impeach the President” or “American Skin” by Springsteen just irk me.  Be as general as you want.  Sing about anti-capitalism or wars in general but don’t go singing about pulling our troops our of Iraq or the Rodney King verdict.  What happens then is that 30 years down the road you try listening to that song and it just sounds so lame. 

“Street Fighting Man” by the Stones is a great song that transcends time.  Yeah, it was written about the war in Vietnam but is doesn’t get specific so you can listen to that song and it can apply to any time frame, not just the 60’s. 

Oh, and while we are at it, no one wants to hear you preach at a concert.  Just shut-up and sing.



Tammy Bruce

November 14, 2007


I would like to endorse a book today.  Tammy Bruce has written a great book entitled “The New Thought Police: Inside the Left’s Assault on Free Speech and Free Minds“.  It is a few years old but is fascinating.  As many of you know, if you read my blog, I am a pretty strong Conservative and cannot abide “Jersey Wearers” of any political persuasion.  Having said this, you might be surprised that I would read a book by someone like Tammy Bruce.  She is a far left Liberal, feminist activist and pro-choice advocate.  The great thing though is that she is a free thinker.  She takes the “jersey” off and takes to task those on the left who are seeking to silence the opposition.

She was the President of NOW for about 7 years back in the 90’s and supported many Liberals on the left until she began to see example after example of their abuse of power, their hypocrisy and their thirst for power.  She felt their abuse and gag attempts first hand. 

Her book just reinforces the fact that the left cannot win on ideas so they must simply silence the opposition.  They shout down those they disagree with or actually riot and chase them off stages at college campuses.    You can see this in the whole Global Warming argument.  The left won’t debate the issue.  Instead, as Gore just did, they state the debate is over and we shouldn’t even allow the other side to be heard anymore. 

The examples she gives in this book, which are MANY, really fly in the face of the Liberal whining that they are the ones for open dialogues or free speech.  That Fox is the one who is bias, not the rest of the media.  That they are the party of openness or diversity.  One thing that it really does prove is that Liberals like Dr. Elrod from Harding University have no idea what they are talking about when they make ridiculous statements such as:

 “I’m a Democrat because I believe that party has a better track record on two things I believe in very strongly: tolerance and free expression.”

It’s a great read and I am looking forward to reading her other works.  In the meantime, let’s get a moratorium on ANYONE who wants to shut-up someone simply because they disagree with what they are saying.  Freedom of speech is not just about what YOU want to say.

Useless resolutions

October 13, 2007


Congress is now looking to pass a resolution condemning Turkey for Armenian genocide of almost 100 years ago. 

WHY?  This is just useless feel good political crap…or it’s a way for the Liberals in congress to be able to demonize Bush once again.  I mean, if they really want to demonize him, I can give them a list of real, legitimate things to do it with.  All this will do is allow them to call him a “genocide denier” when he vetos it. 

The thing that really pisses me off is it could cause disruption in the Iraq war.  This resolution has already upset Turkey so much they recalled their ambassador.  They are a key ally in the war and all this will do is weaken that relationship.  Once weakened, it could very well lead to worsen the war when things finally are looking up over there (something the Liberals just cannot have). 

Of course, Dr. Elrod at Harding University is all for this resolution (only because Bush is against it, of course).  Check out this idiotic, wimpy-ass quote from him:

“If we want to be a great nation and not just a powerful nation in the eyes of oppressed people, we need to walk the walk, even when it hurts.”

Did you notice something in that quote?  The word “if”.  You mean we are not a great nation already?  Oppressed people don’t risk their very lives to get to this country?  If you ever needed an example of hippy mumbo jumbo rhetoric, all you need to do is browse his blog.    We won’t even discuss his post where he just about wets himself talking about Gore.

 Anyway, isn’t it time Congress stopped wasting time on useless things like this?  Hey! I’ve got it! How about a moratorium for 50 years on this?

“What is wrong with America?”

May 23, 2007


Ok, I am sick of this phrase that has turned into a cliche. Why is it that people love to tear America down?  They whine and complain and blame and pout and pass laws and make you feel guilty for anything and everything.  It’s all bad.  After every bad thing that happens, whether it be a shooting like V Tech or some wacko group that does something, the question is always asked “What is wrong with America?”. 

Politicians on both sides of the isle play this up big time around election time.  No matter how great something is they will point out SOMETHING about it that is bad.  Liberals love to bring America down.  It makes them feel good about themselves.  That is true with many people though.  Bringing someone else down in the hopes it will make you shine.  John Kerry and Bill Clinton love to go over to other countries and rip America and American values.  What is wrong with these people?

Question asked to GOP Presidential Candidates at last debate: “What do you dislike most about America.”  ???????

What in the world is a question like that?

What to know what is so great about America?

  • George Washington
  • The Bill of Rights
  • US Constitution
  • Dairy Queen
  • Capitalism
  • Weather Channel chicks
  • Cross country driving trips with no stopping at borders
  • Buffaloes
  • Appalachian Trail
  • Rock and Roll
  • NFL
  • Beaches, beaches and more beaches
  • Cedar Point
  • Voting for elected officials
  • Plenty of employment opportunity
  • BBQ
  • Our Armed Forces
  • Talk Radio
  • Main Street USA
  • Disney World
  • Detroit auto innovation
  • New York City
  • Suburbia
  • Cheeseburgers
  • Neighborhood parks
  • Ronald Reagan
  • Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and, yeah, Chevrolet
  • Cheering during the end of the National Anthem
  • Movies
  • Freedom of worship
  • Best health care in the world
  • Slip and Slide
  • Jenna Fischer
  • Clint Eastwood
  • The Grand Canyon
  • Marvel Comics
  • Mount Rushmore
  • Freedom

….ok….your turn to add to the list!

Gas Prices

May 18, 2007

 gas pricesNow, am I the only one who is sick of the whining by the media and the Liberals on gas prices? Every year we hear the same thing “By July the average price will be over $4.00” and it never is. I predict this year will be the same thing…it will not get to a $4.00 national average.

Anyway, back to the gist of things…I am just tired of hearing about gouging and profits and rip offs and all that garbage. Let’s get the facts right shall we? First of all, someone simply raising their price on something is not gouging. In fact, I would submit that in a free market economy, gouging doesn’t exist at all. It’s simply the market dictating the price of a good. Supply and demand. If there is any gouging going on, it’s from State and Federal Govco and the taxes they add to everything under the sun. I would bet that Govco actually makes more money off a gallon of gas than the oil companies do. Ever look at home much you pay to Govco every time you fill up?

How about profits. If you listen to Hillary, she wants to take the profits from the oil companies. Take their profits? Can someone explain capitalism to her? I wonder…if she also going to “take the profits” from Labor Unions? How about from Apple or Microsoft? Maybe she should take some of the profits she made on her books and her husbands speaker fees. How is making a profit wrong? Is GM wrong for trying to make a profit selling cars? While we’re at it, how about we get it right about what we are talking about. You hear the media talking all the time about the obscene profits oil companies are making but do you ever hear them talk about the profit margin? That is what one really needs to focus on. You can talk all day long about how Exxon‘s profits have doubled but what happened to their profit margin (if it really matters at all what a company makes when they are in the business of making money)?   It’s sad how people can be so swayed but the rhetoric coming out of the slime in Washington. Really though, it’s even worst that people lack the education to understand the BS they are wading in.

Yet another thing we are hearing now is how new records are being set all the time in regards to prices. In inflation adjusted dollars we are STILL paying less than we did back in the late 70’s and early 80’s. You also hear the word “fair” being thrown around. Really? Just what exactly would be a “fair” price for gas? What is fair for you would be too high for me so just who should set that standard? Govco? Congrats! You go to the head of the class of Socialism 101 with Liberal Democrats.

Speaking of Liberals, if you want to point to a reason for prices being high, they can be first on your list. Who keeps blocking attempts to drill for oil? Who backs the EPA in their ridiculous standards? Who opposes building more refineries? You can thank your local Liberal for that as well.

I hate paying more for something but I learn to live with it. It also really bugs me that concert tickets keep going up and up and up (you can thank the Eagles for that…but we can discuss that at a later date) but you know what…the bottom line is that it’s business. It’s supply and demand. As long as we choose to pay it, as long as we choose to buy hummers and Navigators, as long as we keep electing officials who refuse to admit that we live in a oil consuming world, we will keep paying higher prices for gas.

So, with all that being said, can we get a moratorium on the lies and the whining and the sob stories of higher gas prices and just get an education on things. Or, better yet, just create your own blog and rant and rave like I do! J

Moving from “What” to “Why”

May 3, 2007


 Have you noticed that in the past, if you did something wrong, your Parents or Teachers took you to task for it.  They punished you.  It was YOUR responsibility and YOUR fault.  These days, they don’t focus on the what.  Instead, they want to figure out why.  They don’t blame you, they try to point the finger somewhere else.  Individualism is now dead.  Personal responsibility and accountability has left the building. 

For example, 19 Terrorists fly our planes into buildings killing thousands and the media elite ask why they hate us.  Try these other ones on for size:

  • A thug kills two Police Officers and the local newspaper blames the fact that he lived in a poor community and Section 8 housing. 
  • A couple of demented kids go on a shooting rampage in a school and the media blames bullies, cliques and guns.
  • A drunk driver kills a family and the bar he was at is blamed. 
  • A perp kidnaps and assaults a child and the Shrinks blame past abuse or wound he suffered.
  • Hundreds of school buses sat underwater because the Mayor did not dispatch them to evacuate New Orleans residents before a hurricane hits and the Liberals blame George W. Bush.

Now, I don’t think we should not try to figure out the why sometimes in order to avoid future problems however it is not the main issue nor the most important issue.   Also, above all else, let’s not exonerate the person responsible.  Let’s lay the blame squarely where it belongs.

I remember so well when I was a kid and got in trouble I would try to come up with every excuse.  Most of them were lies but some were true.   In those days, my parents made ME feel guilty.  They didn’t try to excuse the behavior or rationalize it away.  They made sure I knew that it was MY responsibility.  These days, many parents feel guilty and wring their hands over what horrible parents they are if their kid does something wrong.   They pull their hair out and blame themselves instead of turning around and putting the blame on their kid.  They go and drug their kids up or send them to a Shrink instead of dealing with the problem.  These days in fact,  Shrinks are all the rage. Shrinks and drugs.  I love the quote: “Conservatives go to church, Liberals go to Shrinks.”

Yes, I acknowledge that some past experiences or this or that contribute to certain mistakes however, when the day is done and everyone has gone to bed, the bottom line is that the person who did the deed is the one to blame.  Not same lame ass excuse or pyschobabble or George W. Bush or anything else. 

Let’s get a moratorium on the blame game.