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I heard a Tiger cry…

March 27, 2008


Did you happen to catch Tiger whining and crying about how the cameraman screwed up his swing on the 9th hole at last weeks tournament?  Man!  What a baby!  Have you watched the replay?  He is in mid-swing when the shutter goes off.  Now, if you are already committed to the swing, a simple click of a shutter should not screw you up that much.  Especially not someone like Tiger Woods.  Heck, Brain Surgeons even jam to Ipods while they work.

This brings up a good moratorium.  I’m really sick of how much quiet these golfers need.  This latest blubbering is just the last in a long line of them.  It is so pathetic how these professional golfers need complete and utter silence in order to make a shot.  Let’s really see how good these guys are when they are shooting that free throw in front of thousands of screaming and waving fans.  Or that place kicker, in OT, having to make that field goal to win the game in front of thousands of screaming fans in the dead of winter.  There is NO comparison at all. 

I’ve heard people compare Tiger to Jordan or Elway or others in other sports.  Hardly!  Golf is a completely different category.  You cannot begin to compare the athletes and their talent to each other. 

I believe the simple fact is that the little click of a shutter is just an excuse for being off his game.  If Tiger had nailed that shot and gotten birdie would we be hearing this?  No way.  Fact is, he choked and now has an excuse.  What a baby.

Wouldn’t it be great to take all the best golfers and put them in a match that was akin to a football stadium on Sunday afternoon?  THEN we would see exactly how good they are. 

A moratorium on whining, crying golfers who need total silence is on the table.