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The Wussification of America

May 31, 2007


What is the deal these days?  It is as if any sort of backbone that America had was thrown away.  People these days in America, and the world for that matter, simply have no backbone or, to put it more bluntly, no cajonies.   They are offended at everything, never want to take a stand and simply let people walk all over them.

These days a big personification of a Wuss is the President himself. George W. Bush.  The guy can’t seem to do anything without apologizing for it.  The Liberals will out and out lie about him and he does nothing.  In fact, he usually just apologizes for nothing.  Take the current flap about Federal Attorneys.  So he fired them.  SO WHAT?  Clinton fired ALL of them.  A President can do that.  What did Bush do?  He apologized for how it was done.  Illegal immigration?  Bush talks about amnesty.  Sandy Berger steals top secret documents from the Federal archives and Bush does nothing and says nothing.  Get some balls Mr. President.

Liberals are not much better.  They only want appeasement for anything and everything.  Clinton pretty much did nothing whenever we were attacked in the 90’s.  Bin Laden even said that because of what the U.S. did not do in the 90’s was why he saw attacking us as the perfect opportunity.  He knew that these days the U.S. is just a bunch of wimps.   The first sign of trouble in a conflict and Liberals want to surrender.  They are worse than France!

Jimmy Carter has turned into probably the biggest Wus of all the Presidents.  No dictator can do anything wrong.  He goes and has tea with Fidel Castro and Kim Jong-Il, among others.  We all saw how well Carter handled the Iranian Hostage crises.

The media plays a big part in this as well.  15 British sailors are kidnapped by Iraq and do you see the media saying anything negative about them?  They are  praising Ahmadinejad and the Iranian people.  Not a thing was said of Iran’s violation of the Geneva Convention.  The media also never seem to condemn anyone.  Shortly after  9/11, Reuters news service announced they would no longer use the term “Terrorist” when talking about,  well, Terrorists.  What a joke. 

Speaking  of those 15 sailors….what did Britain do?  NOTHING.  Tony Blair = WUSS.  The Islamic Terrorists around the world are going to get more and more emboldened and know they can do pretty much anything and the rest of the world will do nothing.

Now, with all that being said, I am not advocating war or aggression for no reason but come on…can’t we at least say SOMETHING and not just get walked all over by everyone?  Can we at least speak softly but carry a big stick instead of apologizing for talking too loud and then appease appease appease?

I didn’t mean for this post to be so political, I wanted to write more about things in every day life as well.  I mean, they seem to call counselors into schools and work places at the drop of a hat.  Suck it up!!!  These days people go see Shrinks as much as they change their underwear.  I’m not saying they aren’t needed…at times…but it has been taken to excess.   These days if you DON’T have some “problem”, “issue” or “wound” and go to a shrink and get drugged up then you are not normal.   If you do mess up all you have to do is  apologize, cry, go to rehab and then admit that you were bullied on the playground when you were little and you get a pass.  HEY!  Suck it up, take some responsibility and move on.  The world doesn’t revolve around you!!

TV is not much better.  People don’t like it when Simon is so mean to people on American Idol.  Hey, if they suck, they suck.  Deal with it.  The very fact that so many people  get caught up and sucked into watching this show says a lot about our society.  It says, in big lavender letters, GAY! (Don’t anyone say anything about me watching America’s Next Top Model either because there are hot chicks on that show!) 😉

There is a phrase I use with my kids all the time.  “Dry it up”.  They fall down and start crying I first make sure they are not hurt then I tell them to dry it up.  I don’t rush over and make a big fuss over them and coddle them.   I am hard on my kids.  I push them to go beyond what they think they are capable of.  I want them to look back when they are older and know that I pushed them to exceed.  I tell the story often that when my daughter was 2 or 3 she didn’t want to go down a slide.  I made her because I knew she would have fun.  She was scared but then loved it.   I did the same thing when teaching her to read.  When she wanted to stop I kept going.  I showed her what was beyond her limits.  I expect a lot out of her and don’t apologize for it.   As I said before in my overprotective parents blog it’s the feminization of our society approach that I don’t want to see come near my kids.  Go mess someone else’s kids up.

These same wimps want to get rid of things like Dodge Ball or even Tag at school.    My friend at work said he can’t even cheer for his kid as his little league game because they don’t want to create a “negative atmosphere”.  In fact, some cities are banning “chatter”at baseball games so you can’t yell the old “Heeeeeeyyyy Batter Batter Batter SWING Batter!”.  GIVE ME A BREAK!!!  That has Liberal weenie written all over it.  The same wimps who say things like “Everyone is a winner so let’s not keep score” or “there are no losers so everyone gets a trophy!”.    These are probably the same people who want to stop having a Valedictorian or a Salutatorian at graduations.

So, let’s all dry it up, get some balls and deal with these things as they should be.  If we don’t, if we keep going down this road, in 20 years we will have no country to call home because we will have given it over to Islamic fascism and wimps because we simply don’t want to offend anyone.


Now, over in Britian they are proposing that kids don’t raise hands to answer questions in class.  Education Secretary said “We need to make sure that no one is left behind at any point…”  Yeah, that’s right.  Don’t praise kids who study and are actually smart!  What a joke.  Remember, it’s all about “fairness”.