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Hillary Impoding

December 14, 2007


As any faithful reader of the Moratorium knows, the two most asked for and repeated moratoriums are on Global Warming and Hillary.  Well, things are looking rosy for us here at the Moratorium site.  It appears that the Hillary camp may be imploding.  They keep losing more and more footing to Obama. 

Yesterday, Bill Shaheen, the national co-chairman of the Hillary campaign, resigned after suggesting that the voters ask Obama if he was a drug dealer.   What a joke!  We are always hearing how Conservatives are such racist pigs yet here is the first, legitimate, black candidate for President and all the Democrats do is rip him apart and actually use the old stereotype that all blacks are drug dealers.   Where is the outrage?  Trent Lott makes a silly comment to an old man on his 100th birthday and he is forced to apologize and it was demanded he step down yet Hillary does it and you hardly hear a peep from the mainstream media or from the holier than thou DNC.

Don’t count your chickens but we may be able to claim a victory soon for all the hard at work staff of the Moratorium Site and our demanding of a moratorium on Hillary.