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What party?

March 24, 2008


I have written moratoriums on the media before and I have probably mentioned this before but I thought it deserved a post all by itself.  As you may have heard today, the mayor of Detroit was charged with perjury.  In this article, from USA Today, there is no mention AT ALL of what party he belongs to.  Funny, huh?  No mention he is a Democrat. 

When the whole Elliot Spitzer thing came to light a few weeks ago, you had to read down to the middle or end of most articles to find out he was a Democrat. 

Why?  When it is a Republican, it is usually the first line.  Usually they have something such as “Mark Foley, Republican…” or something of that nature.  You usually don’t have to read and read and search and search to find what party he belongs to.

Can we get a moratorium on crap like this?