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March 19, 2008


Ok, can we get a moratorium on this Obamamania.  I mean, take a look at the Liberal Mark Elrod site.  The guy and his pointy head, pompous followers are just about passing out whenever Obama burps.    Check out some of the comments by Elrod:

 Obama said, we can either keep making race and religion an issue in American politics and imposing an informal religious test to candidate, or we can move on to something more substantial.

Sorry to break it to Elrod but the only person making this about race is Obama.  Here is more:

I’ve been thinking a lot about all of the sermons, chapel talks and other speakers I’ve listened to over the years and not walked out on or condemned.In most of those cases, I was just being polite but I can see where someone might conclude (incorrectly) that I agreed with everything that was said because I didn’t say “I don’t agree with everything he just said”.

Give me a break.  Elrod is actually equating the hate mongering SERMON of Obama’s Minister to listening to something and not leaving because you are being polite?  What a joke!  Check out this from one of Elrod’s lapdogs:

The conservative right is determined to make race an issue.

Sorry Dude but the ONLY one making race an issue is the guy who supposedly “transcends race”. 

Here is one of the best ones by some dude named JH

White people have used black people like chattel for many centuries. White people still treat black people very badly. Black people are angry about the way they have been treated in the past and continue to be treated today. Black people complain about it, sometimes bitterly. White people have a cow.Looking at the situation as impartially as I can, I’m tempted to go even farther than Rev. Wright. Shut up, white people. You’re being ridiculous.

First of all, this dude NEVER looks at ANYTHING impartially.  Second, let me get this straight, if your black, because of slavery, you can say ANYTHING you want and others just have to accept it?  Actually, this is the Liberal bed-wetting victim philosophy.  Liberals always throw “victims” up as spokespeople so you can’t refute anything they say.  They do this with 9/11 widows, with minorities, Cindy Sheehan and others.  They can say anything and if you say anything against them it’s “What are you doing? Don’t you know she lost a son in Iraq? How dare you!!!!”.  Can you imagine what these Jersey Wearers would say if Pat Robertson said something like this?  They would not only crucify him but they would lump Bush and the rest of the GOP in with him because they firmly beleive in guilt by association…except when it’s a Liberal, then it’s different.  What a joke.

Of course, you can’t really blame Elrod and his little puppies.  They are only doing what he does best.  Be a hypocrite.  Elrod is always one of the first ones to rip into the GOP and point out guilt by association but never with a Liberal.  He was blogging about the Mark Foley scandal almost before Drudge got to it but didn’t post a thing about Eliot Spitzer for about a week.

 Anyway, unless something changes, it looks like I might get that Moratorium I have been calling for on Hillary so maybe I should start calling for on on Obama.  Wait! Scratch that.  I’ll just call for a Moratorium on Socialists and that should cover them all.