BUY IT!!!!!

Ah, yes, the Democrats show us just how much they believe in Freedom as they force you to buy insurance or go to jail.

Hey!  Mark Elrod!  How is that “tolerance” you say Democrats believe in so strongly working out for ya?


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10 Responses to “BUY IT!!!!!”

  1. Josh Brandt Says:

    Silly Roland, everyone knows that they just want the best for us, that’s all.

  2. Dan The Man Says:

    Did you notice that Obama actually used the car insurance comparison? Gee, Mr. President, if I choose NOT to have car insurance because I don’t have a car, what penalty do I face? Can ya tell me?

  3. Edward Carson Says:

    I assume you have health insurance — right? My folks could not afford to keep me on their bad plan thus I had major reconstructive knee surgery in college. $100,000 in bills that I am still paying on. And I am well educated and middle class. This is not easy for many. I only hear from those with it that scream socialism. That is too easy.

  4. Roland Says:

    A rose is a rose is a rose. Call it what you want but what you cannot not call it is socialism. From each according to their means to each according to their needs.

  5. Edward Carson Says:

    Roland: You are still not addressing my point. I guess we should just call it — not socialism — but social Darwinism.

  6. Dan The Man Says:

    I’ll jump in here…what question? If Roland has health insurance or not???

    Taking money from one class/population of people and giving it to another so they can buy health insurance, as Roland put it, from each according to their means…how is that not socialism?

    Speaking of socialists, I heard Bill Press today trying to argue with someone who was calling it a Government takeover of health care. He said “It’s not a takeover, it’s a reform.” Sorry, Bill. When all insurance is thru the Government, it’s a take over which is where it’s headed.

  7. Dude Says:

    “That is too easy”. Edward, much like blaming Bush for everything under the sun is a bit, too easy, eh? I bet in 2012 when Obama is running for office again, when the economy is still in the tank, he will STILL blame Bush for it. Heck, in 2016 the Liberals will still be doing it. They didn’t stop blaming Reagan until Bush was elected in 2000.

  8. Josh Brandt Says:

    Augh I’m so tired of everyone’s arguments. Stop making stupid attacks and state some facts!

    The Dude your entire post is ad hominem fallacy, sorry bro.

    Dan the Man our taxes are already progressive, they have been since the gilded age.

  9. writerdood Says:

    You mean if you don’t buy health insurance, they’ll send you to jail? Geez. Wouldn’t it be easier to just shoot you? I mean, if they send you to jail, then the state will have to cover your health insurance there. You know, that only works if we can make some money out of the people who are in jail.

    Maybe we should have special prisons for people who can’t afford health insurance! That’s a pretty cool idea! Okay, so we’ll call it “Insurance Prison” and the people there will have to answer computer support calls, then we can stop shipping them to India. It’s perfect. The government will make money, the people will get health care, and we’ll get some dangerous criminals off the street!

    Or maybe we should just shoot them like we’re going to do with all of the old people. So many options…

  10. Josh Brandt Says:

    I’m not quite sure what your point is, but that comment made my day!

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