Fox News is not “News”

Oh, you gotta know the Liberal whiners are  just loving this:


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6 Responses to “Fox News is not “News””

  1. Dan The Man Says:

    Roland, where are your usual crazies who don’t see a bias in the media or who hate Fox News? Where is Johnny and that Kid or even your favorite target Elrod? You would think those Fox haters would be loving this and agree with Obama on it.

  2. Josh Brandt Says:

    Okay, no offense Dan, but you say that at least every other post.

    As for the video, its wishful thinking on the part of Keith Olberman to state that msnbc is on top. Their ratings are absolute rubbish. They’re down 7% from last year while Fox is up 48%, and not to mention Keith Olberman’s show is down 11%, its lowest since ’07.

  3. justthisgirl Says:

    Josh Brandt: Once you stopped typing that buzzer shit, I started to actually like you. That comment ruled–both parts. 🙂

    And holy crackers, I already know I’m going to regret showing my face ’round these parts. *sigh* I always was a glutton for punishment.

  4. The Dude Says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more, Josh.

  5. The Dude Says:

    Speaking of Olberman:

  6. Robin Says:

    When Castro or Chavez want to shut down a news organization they say it is “illegitimate” before they shut it down. Does anyone see the parallels?

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