For what?

So, Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize.  For what?  I mean, do you know when he was nominated for it?  Two weeks after he took office. TWO WEEKS.  What did he do in those two weeks time to win this award?  All this is is a repudiation on the Presidency of Bush.  That’s all. 

What this really does is taint the whole process and questions the integrity of the committee.

What a joke.


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4 Responses to “For what?”

  1. Jeff Says:

    It was already a joke. Arafat — Jimmy Carter — Al Gore. This just confirms it.

  2. Dan The Man Says:

    ALL former receiptents, including the wackos, should be insulted by this. Take Gore, Carter and Arafat for example…at least they DID something, goofy or not. Obama has done NOTHING.

  3. Tim Says:

    Oh, you gotta know Dr. Elrod is in ecstacy today. He probably cancelled classes today and is doing cartwheels across the front lawn.

    I am also sure that he is doing the best mental gymnastics in the world to defend this.

  4. Robin Says:

    He gives a good speech and trashes america. That’s all you need these days for the “noble” peace prize. Look at the company he is in.

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