I’m so glad to see that so many of the political pundits (mostly Conservative) were right.  They all said, even during the primaries, that any real criticism of Obama would be called racist.  That’s exactly what we are seeing now.  Have you seen what the liberals are saying all over the media? It’s really sick.

You know, I am even more convinced now that many blogs went private (aka retreated to the bunker) because they knew there was no way they could defend what Obama would do and they knew that Obama would do many of the exact same things they chided the GOP for.

I knew Obama would fail and fail miserably but didn’t realize it would be so quick!


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4 Responses to “Racist”

  1. Dan The Man Says:

    …and I give you:

    Jimmy Carter!!!!

  2. Dan The Man Says:

    Is anyone surprised why this man is considered such an utter failure?

  3. Edward Carson Says:

    I just do not get how you think he has failed. Look at what he inherited; it is too complex to fix overnight. Think back to what Reagan had to deal with after his election. One could contend that his entire administration failed; look at the rate of inflation and unemployment from 1980 to 1988.

  4. Josh Brandt Says:

    I’m no Obama fan, but I would wait till the end of his presidency before calling him a complete failure. Nothing is quite as it seems right now. There are things brewing, I don’t know what exactly will happen but its going to be big. It seems that the reason people who say he has failed do so for ideological reasons instead of factual evidence. Not that there is not very strong evidence of obvious failures and strange dealings on the Democratic side, but I am looking forward to seeing what he does in the rest of his presidency and how people will react. Let’s at least wait until 2010 before saying failure.

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