Dirty Liberals

Great link:


Can I get a defense of the trash Liberals left?  Anyone?


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5 Responses to “Dirty Liberals”

  1. iantrevor Says:

    The article cited as claiming as many as 2 million were there says nothing about 2 mil. It says there were as many as 1 million, but police estimates have the number more around 60 or 70 thousand.

    The filth left after the inauguration is inexcusable, but there were about 10x as many people there than were at the teabagging convention on 9/12.

  2. Zippy Says:

    Depends who you talk to. Many Police who were there state easily 1 million. Looking at photos, I would say at least 500,000 to a million. They took up as much space as the inauguration.

  3. iantrevor Says:

    Which photos do you mean? The one of Promise Keepers in 1997?

  4. Dan The Man Says:

    One need only look up the march to see the photos. We do live in the digital age.

  5. iantrevor Says:

    Look up which march? Please like an appropriate photo of the 9/12 brouhaha. Until then, I’ll stick w/ my number of 70,000 max.

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