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September 22, 2009

I wanted to take a second and recommend an excellent book by Thomas Dilorenzo:

How Capitalism saved America: The untold history of our country, from the Pilgrims to the present.

It’s an awesome read and really delves into not just the history of capitalism but also the anti-capitalists and their flawed theories as well the idiocy of the anti-trusts, socialism and massive govco intervention. 

It really should be required reading these days with what the Democrats are trying to do to the United States.  He offers great, detailed examples of the wonders of Capitalism  and how time after time it gave us better results than anything the Government could ever dream about much less achieve. 

I’m looking forward to reading his book on Lincoln that really puts his Presidency into perspective.



September 15, 2009

I’m so glad to see that so many of the political pundits (mostly Conservative) were right.  They all said, even during the primaries, that any real criticism of Obama would be called racist.  That’s exactly what we are seeing now.  Have you seen what the liberals are saying all over the media? It’s really sick.

You know, I am even more convinced now that many blogs went private (aka retreated to the bunker) because they knew there was no way they could defend what Obama would do and they knew that Obama would do many of the exact same things they chided the GOP for.

I knew Obama would fail and fail miserably but didn’t realize it would be so quick!

Dirty Liberals

September 14, 2009

Great link:

Can I get a defense of the trash Liberals left?  Anyone?


September 1, 2009

Great post by Neal Boortz on all this “torture” crap:

First of all .. making some goon think that they’re drowning is not torture. I’m not even sure that drowning someone is torture. That’s murder. Go ahead … Google the words “drowning” and “pleasant.” Doesn’t sound like torture to me. Also .. firing a gun near someone’s head or depriving them of sleep isn’t torture either. If it was there would be thousands of Marine Corps drill instructors and college professors who should be awaiting charges right now.

All of this moralistic grandstanding is starting to get on my last nerve … and there’s not all that many left. What a bunch of hogwash. Let’s try a little scenario here. No fudging. No “buts.” This is your scenario … if you don’t want to accept it as-is, then walk away.

Scenario: Your spouse and child have been kidnapped. They’ve been buried alive in a box. They have enough air and water to last a day or so. You have someone in your custody whom you know with absolute certainty can tell you where your family members are buried. Now .. what are you going to do to get the information you need to save your spouse and child. Don’t’ give me this “call the police and let them deal with it” scenario. You know that the police are bound by the rules … but are you? Will you put a washcloth over this person’s face and pour water on it? No? Will you point a gun at his head and tell him that he has seconds to live if he doesn’t give up the information? No? Would you start breaking this thugs fingers – one-by-one – until he gives you the information you need? No? Are you kidding me? Well … tell you what. Why don’t you call your spouse and children into the room right now and read this to them. Tell them that if was they who were buried in that box waiting to die that you wouldn’t torture someone to save their life. Tell them that this guy would walk away with every body part in tact .. no scratches .. no broken bones. You would do nothing to frighten this man into thinking that his life is in danger. Why you wouldn’t even poor water on his head. Tell your family members would just have to die before you would do anything closely related to torture to the man who had the information that could save their lives. Tell them that — and then live with the look in their eyes. Tell them that — and then live with the knowledge that they know what a wuss you are.

Me? I’m just not the nice reason you are. I can’t think of a single thing I would not do to this man if it would give me the information I need to save my wife and daughter. Get out the glass rods and the bamboo shoots. I’ll need some pliers and a blow torch as well. When it’s all over, and my family is save, I’ll let the jury decide.