Ya gotta wonder…

What Liberals such as Mark Elrod are saying about all these so called “mobs” at these Town halls.  Is he for or against these people exercising their free speech?  I mean, I remember his old public blog and how he laughed at Conservatives getting shouted down and literally chased off the stage.  What is he saying about Pelosi calling people who are against Govco health care as “un-American”?  Or about Obama sending out Union thugs to “hit back twice as hard” ? 

You have to wonder and wonder we shall since he retreated to his bunker a year ago…

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2 Responses to “Ya gotta wonder…”

  1. Josh Brandt Says:

    They believe that these mobs are paid by the insurance companies or the GOP. Its ridiculous how they can’t see a democratic system at work.

  2. Connie Says:

    On craigslist.com there are adds paying for people to go to obamacare meetings…some as much as 15 bucks an hour!! Why don’t you hear about that in the mainstream media? These “mobs” are not paid people…just concerned INFORMED people! I am part of the mob and proud of it.

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