Real Life = Movies

Ok, it’s high time we got a moratorium on movies based on real life events.  Now, I am not saying never make a movie about an event that really happened but, please, can we at least wait?  These days, something happens and within six months (or less) there is a movie on TV about it.  Come on!!  All the facts aren’t even in yet by that time and they are already making conclusions about it?  That’s Hollywood for ya though – don’t let facts get in the way.

How about five years?  That is enough time to get as much straight as you can.  Plus, it’s still not fresh in every ones mind so it will actually be something that you would enjoy seeing.  Do you really get as much a kick out of a picture from your vacation when you look at it while still on vacation or when you look at it years later and reflect on the great time you had?


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7 Responses to “Real Life = Movies”

  1. iantrevor Says:

    Something we can agree on! Going even further, how about we ban movies based on real life events outright? Not that movies can’t be based on real events, but let’s ban movie studios from trying to make it seem like the story is 100% factual when, really, the chose a few actual events and then filled it in with Hollywood fluff. Let’s call fiction fiction!

  2. Dan The Man Says:

    I agree with Roland AND Ian on this one! Whoa! lol.

    Ian, you should check out some the posts from a year or two ago. They were much less political. I mainly got in here due the political stuff but there is a some really funny ones from the past.

  3. Josh Brandt Says:

    The next post should be Book=Movies. Hollywood is just AMAZING at making books into movies. Have you seen the movie for Great Expectations? God, people are stupid. Don’t even bother naming the movie after the book unless you can at least grasp the basic plot line.

  4. odgie Says:

    How about movies based on toys?

  5. Connie Says:

    UGH! The book to movie move drives me crazy!!! I totally agree…don’t even bother naming it the same name as the book! I think Hollywood has run out of any original screenwritters. I also think its funny that all of Jodi Picoult’s books ( which I enjoy) used to be made into Lifetime movies..the quintessential chick channel. Now, they are becomming feature films. I mean, good for Jodi but come on! Does EVERYTHING need to be made into a big screen production staring the latest starlett who is a girl next door, meets save the world activist, meets I can kick your ass, meets porn-star,meets business tycoon!? It is really no different than t.v. If it isn’t a reality show ( lord help us all), or some version of C.S.I…. It is some show that has the mulit-cultural theme with the gay friends and the smokin hot, doing everything, mom…lazy, outta shape, dopey dad and disrespectful, smart-ass kids. Where has any originality gone? I will now take my soapbox and run on sentences and go home…thanks for letting me vent on this very important topic;)

  6. Roland Says:

    I actually don’t mind books into movies. At least that’s original in a sense. What I hate are all the remakes. They remake everything now…why? Because they lack any original ideas.

  7. Connie Says:

    Funny you said that because I just read that Spielberg is set to remake “Harvey”… we go again!

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