Obama only zones

How do you like this?  This guy walks around malls and all he sees are Obama shirts and calendars and books and posters and bumper stickers…I mean, even now, eight months after the election, you see these things cluttering the stores.  So, he sees an opportunity.  He opens a kiosk that is strictly Conservative.  Guess what?  The mall is kicking him out. 

This is really sad.  Now, the mall has every right to try to make money and if he causes them to lose money, they have the right to kick him out however, this is just lame.  Plus, imagine them kicking out an Obama kiosk…you would have Sharpton there claiming racism.  What I want to know is, are they going to close down Spencer Gifts? I mean, that place has some of the most obscene stuff in the world.  Plus, their shop used to be loaded with all kinds of anti-George Bush stuff and now is loaded with pro-Obama stuff. 

Oh, by the way, the mall owner is a big Democratic contributor.

It’s just a big pile of BS.


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4 Responses to “Obama only zones”

  1. iantrevor Says:

    Wait, in a free market isn’t the proprietor allowed to pretty much do whatever he or she wants? According to the article, patrons of the mall complained and the problem was taken away. I’m not going to pretend that the decision wasn’t politically motivated, but if you–say–owned a flea market venue and one particular seller kept bring in things that you, and our patrons, find offensive, aren’t you going to do something about it?

  2. PeterL Says:

    It looks as thought that was covered in the post, Ian.

  3. Roland Says:

    Exactly. I never said it was wrong. I am all for free markets however, I do think it is lame. Also, how many complaints did they get? I am sure they get a lot for other stores there. As I said, let them close down an Obama kiosk and see the fireworks.

  4. Josh Brandt Says:

    Look this was so obviously politically motivated. Would you deny a Christian Book Store access to a mall franchise? Would you deny a book store the right to sell Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin? To me this sounds a lot like the censorship doctrine, which is a fundamental contradiction to the constitution.

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