So, now, according to the Vice President Joe Biden, we have to spend more money to keep the country from going Bankrupt….

Yeah, and you have to eat more to lose weight or, even better, you have to drink more beer to keep from being an alcoholic.

What a genius!  This guy makes Dan Quayle look brilliant.  I bet you all who still have the Obama/Biden bumper sticker on your car and just so damn proud!!!  Remember, this is the Senator that, when Obama announced him as his VP Candidate, a certain college professor said he was proud to have voted for him.


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11 Responses to “Biden”

  1. Josh Brandt Says:

    “You cannot go into a 711 or a Dunkin Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent” -Joe Biden
    He’s not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed.

  2. Politics & Culture Says:

    How stupid are the people of Delaware? They have re-elected this moron again and again.

  3. iantrevor Says:

    And Sarah “I’m keeping an eye on Putin rearin’ his ugly head because it keeps America safe, well, until it’s politically expedient to resign my job” Palin is sharper? Bah.

  4. Dan The Man Says:

    Hmmmmm Roland posts an actual quote and Ian just makes one up. Plus, where did anything about Palin come from? I thought Roland was talking about Biden. Oh, that’s right…Ian is playing the game “So what about what my guy said, you guy said dumb things too!” or, in other words, ignore anything dumb my guys says.

  5. iantrevor Says:

    I guess you discount that, had the election gone differently, the person I brought into the conversation would have the same job as Biden, right?

    I didn’t address the comment because I believe that Biden is in the right and, indeed, I am “damn proud” to be sporting an Obama/Biden sticker on my bumper, as I’m sure you’re jazzed about your ‘Palin 2012′ or ’10 out of 10 Terrorists agree, anyone but McCain.’ Countless economists agree (people educated and paid to study and fix the economy–not pander to voters) that the economic downturn cannot be reversed without sufficient funds to keep it afloat.

    Remember what happened when Lehman Brothers was allowed to collapse? I’m sure that, on a grander scale, would be great for the country.

    Of course you’ll scoff at this, but try reading Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman’s take on the stimulus–or don’t. It’s your call.

  6. iantrevor Says:

    Sufficient taking on of the quote, Dan the Man?

  7. Dan The Man Says:

    Yep. The economy is sure doing well since the stimulus. Yes sir! It is doing better and better.

  8. Dan The Man Says:

    Ian, the fact is, you cannot spend more to avoid BK. It’s impossible. It is not a matter of opinion. It’s a fact. Argue all you want but spending more money to avoid a BK will not work. But, alas, I am sure you will argue it. As Roland notes at times, you have that big ‘D’ on your chest and will defend them to the death.

  9. iantrevor Says:

    I’m not defending the big D. I’m defending what I consider logical–if counter-intuitive. There’s a difference in supporting politicians because of their chosen grouping and supporting them for the ideas they support. I’m certain which I do, what about you?

  10. Roland Says:

    I’ll jump in here…Ian, from what you have written, in no way do I see you supporting a Republican even if they have the same idea as a Democrat. Even if that idea makes all the sense in the world. You are too blinded by your party. I have come out and ripped on Bush, on the GOP and others due to their stance on this or that issue. I am Conservative and, unfortunatley, they really don’t exist much in the GOP these days.

  11. iantrevor Says:

    Why would I not support a Republican that has the same ideas as a Democrat? That just doesn’t make sense. If there were a GOP politician that shared my political ideals, I would certainly support that person. Of course, that person would never get past the opening stages of his or her primary because most of my stances are exactly opposite that of the GOP.

    I’m having trouble understanding logical leap from seeing me rip on ideas that I disagree with to me ripping on Republicans, even if they have ideas I do agree with. For example, I applaud much of what GW Bush did in Africa and his humanitarian work to stem the AIDS epidemic and I also support McCain’s stance on torture (as well as the several GOP senators who have finally lined up behind future Justice Sotomayor). The notion that I wouldn’t support a politician doing what I consider good is just false. In the same fashion, I have to imagine that you could get behind a Democrat who is trying to push something you agree with.

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