How’s that “Hope” and “Change” treating ya?

Neal Boortz put together a pretty good Obama scorecard so far:

  • Trillions added to our national debt.
  • American is having trouble getting other countries to buy American debt
  • Obama virtually ignores a corrupt election in Iran. We leave it to French President Sarkozy to speak out for the Iranian people wanting a free election.
  • GM and Citigroup now government operations. More to come.
  • The government (Obama) gets to set executive compensation levels.
  • Obama seeking the ability to seize private businesses.
  • Firing inspector generals who uncover corruption involving Obama buddies.
  • Overturning established law to favor unions over secured creditors in GM’s bankruptcy.
  • Obama wants to reduce tax deductions for charitable deductions. Government doesn’t like competition.
  • The Washington DC voucher system, with a great record of success, slated for elimination while Obama’s kids go to private school.
  • Obama says 8% unemployment max. We’re nearing 10%
  • Obama moves to raise taxes on the small businesses that create the jobs.
  • North Korea threatening to send a missile toward Hawaii
  • While NK is lobbing missiles, Obama cuts spending in missile defense systems.

I gotta say…there isn’t much I can hope for and as for change….well, it ain’t always a good thing.

Can we get a moratorium on Obama?


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16 Responses to “How’s that “Hope” and “Change” treating ya?”

  1. Robin Says:

    I’d like to hear from someone who voted for this person to tell me if this is the hope and change they voted for. And no comments about it all being Bush’s fault. Anyone?

  2. Roland Says:

    Robin, you won’t get that here. The folks who do post stuff from the Liberal side will either:

    A. as you said, blame Bush
    B. Actually agree that many of those points are GOOD
    C. Deny that those points are really the full story
    D. Blame Fox News

  3. Robin Says:

    Ah, you know they read your blog – how about it Jonathan.

  4. Ian Says:

    Of course most of these things are a good idea. Your side lost so you’ve got to sit through some changes that won’t make you happy. You can complain all you want, though.

    That being said, N Korea is a joke. Little Kim is upset that he’s not getting the attention he needs so he raises a fuss. Their missile system, thus far, is a colossal failure.

    In regards to Iran, do you really think it’s a good idea for our leaders to boorishly stick their noses in other country’s elections, especially when it’s certain that their ‘leaders’ will use our involvement against the rising revolution? I’m certain that you can’t consider that a good idea and that you’re really just looking for an issue to attack Obama.

  5. Dan The Man Says:

    Well, it certainly was a great idea when Reagan did so in the 80’s and helped bring down the U.S.S.R.

    In regards to your first point…so, just because “our side” lost, we are supposed to sit around and let the winners do whatever they want and not make a peep? When the left violates the Constitution ever day we are supposed to be silent on that?

    Please point out how they are good ideas.

  6. iantrevor Says:

    I said you’re welcome to complain as much as you’d like.

    RE the constitution, when in the last decade, or so, has that mattered to a politician? The left isn’t free from guilt, but the last presidential administration stomped all over that document without a peep from the right.

    So you’re telling me that Reagan involved himself in a USSR post-election demonstration that somehow brought down their form of government? Now here, that’s interesting.

    You know as well as I do that these are very different circumstances and must be approached differently. But as I said earlier, you’ve got to get your little jab in whenever you can, whether the issue warrants a jab or not. As the political minority (for now) that’s your right.

  7. Josh Brandt Says:

    First off Ian, contrary to what you may believe, we don’t need your permission for anything.

    Second, our objections are valid, and you have yet to give any sort of viable argument against our objections. All you have done is act as if you are superior and make sarcastic, meaningless remarks.

    Third, the better part of Americans are making these same objections. If you don’t believe me look at Obama’s approval/disapproval ratings.

    Fourth, Reagan, unlike Obama, held enough respect in the international community, that his approval held power among the Russian people. You seem to forget that when Reagan said “Tear down this wall” the wall was torn down. You have yet to give any intelligent argument. Obama, however, holds absolutely no respect because he continually shows our weakness to our enemies. During the Bush administration, Kim nearly crapped himself every time we made so much of an objection. He even publicly destroyed a nuclear reactor to appease us. He had two missile tests, and stopped without us having to do anything besides condemn his actions. Since Obama waltzed into the white house Kim has done how many nuclear missile tests? Obama is a spineless politician, he can’t do anything but speak. And even then he can’t do so without a teleprompter.

  8. iantrevor Says:

    I would hesitate to mention approval ratings and Fmr. Pres. Bush in the same comment, but that’s just me. According to a recent Gallup poll, Obama has a 57% approval rating. The Rasmussen poll you’re probably citing uses “Strong Approval and Disapproval” as its sole metric which, if you ask me, is a bit disingenuous. And even taking that poll into account, “the better part” of those polled do not strongly disapprove.

    I never had the notion that you needed my approval to complain, but Dan comment that he is not going to sit around and do nothing and I responded that that is well within his rights and I support his actions.

    I’m having trouble figuring out how I’m coming across as superior. If it’s simply because I believe I’m in the right, then you’re equally culpable of superiority, right?

    You keep bringing up Reagan and Russia in the same conversation with the current situation with Iran, but they’re completely different games–probably different sports, if we’re to extend the metaphor. Before the fall of the USSR, the Russians had been our primary ‘enemy’ for decades and every US administration had them as their main object of attention. In our current situation, the attention of this administration is all over the place because there are many fires to put out.

    Sure, I’m disappointed that more isn’t being done in certain areas (gay rights, troop withdrawl, etc.) but I’m fairly confident that those things are coming. I still contend that President Obama did and is doing the right thing when it comes in Iran. The USA’s international image is not such to support much interference in a sovereign nation’s electoral procedures, especially when the powers-that-be would use every word as a weapon against Mousavi.

    And N. Korea, I believe, is little more than a joke. Kim Jong Il is, as I said above, upset that he’s lost the global spotlight and is itching to get back there. Their missile tests have been largely unsuccessful and, frankly, enjoy the attention when the US President gives it to them.

    Finally, I’m baffled why the teleprompter is a big deal. Is it because there’s nothing else you can attack? If you remember, Obama was fairly sterling in the debates sans teleprompter and you really can’t be upset about his public speaking abilities after Bush II left office with books and books of Bushisms on the presses, right?

  9. Robin Says:

    Ah, living in Obama lala land.

  10. Josh Brandt Says:

    First off “According to a recent Gallup poll, Obama has a 57% approval rating.”
    As opposed to the 65-66% percent at the beginning of his presidency? I’d say that considering that we are only around 5 months into his presidency, Its dropped pretty quickly. Also, in states that were almost entirely on his side, his approval has dropped the most.

    “I’m having trouble figuring out how I’m coming across as superior. If it’s simply because I believe I’m in the right, then you’re equally culpable of superiority, right?”
    Point taken.

    I wouldn’t have much of a problem with the teleprompter either, if he wasn’t so dependent on it. Whenever I watch him speak he makes no attempt to make eye contact with the audience, he puts almost no emotion behind his words, and he pauses between every 3 or 4 words to add um. So much of human communication depends on facial expression and eye contact, I can’t respect someone who lets that slip. I am no fan of George Bush’s speaking abilities, but at least he can act without wasting time on political blathering. Ronald Reagan never had to use a teleprompter, and he was a captivating speaker. Again when Reagan said something it got done, and there was no empty talk. I don’t know, I don’t like talk with no action.

    And on North Korea, Lil’ Kim is a lunatic. If he does decide to follow through on his threat, we need to be ready. Missile defense is our best bet. We can’t reason with him, so we might as well be ready to counteract his attacks. We can’t cut that program. (Another great idea by Reagan, by the way) I really wish Obama wouldn’t weaken our national defense. If he can’t win the respect of our enemies, he can at least be ready to invalidate their weapons.

    “they’re completely different games–probably different sports”
    They are both strong enemies of America. They both horribly mistreat their people. People in both states oppose their government and leaders. They both threaten America and American allies with nuclear weapons. They both corroborate with America’s enemies.
    Different sports sometimes share rules and approaches.

  11. Jonathan Says:

    As expected, I support some things Obama has done but don’t support other things. Presumably the same can be said about what Bush did by most people who voted for him.

    I recently heard the following comment from a Native American in reference to whose interests (Wall Street not main street) are the primary concern of politicians from both parties: “People are excited about electing our first president with black skin, but he’s still wearing a suit…”

  12. Dan The Man Says:

    That is a good quote Jonathan. It really is sad just how many people voted for him due to race or simply white guilt.

  13. Jonathan Says:

    The comment wasn’t about white guilt or anything like that but rather that (at least in the opinion of that particular speaker) more significant than the positive step of finally having a person of color in the White House was what has not changed…Clinton to Bush to Obama…dedication first to the interests of corporations and Wall St. (the guys wearing the suits) and not the interests of the average man (the people in the park in Seattle that the speaker was speaking to about the environment, traditional Native American culture, etc.).

  14. Slickster Says:

    “more significant than the positive step of finally having a person of color in the White House…”

    So, Jonathan, you are saying that it’s not a positive step if a white guy was elected? What’s with the “finally” thing? It sounds like you have some white guilt of your own to deal with. Shouldn’t it just be about the person and not the race?

  15. Roland Says:

    Are you working for the Moratorium Site now Slickster, since you are putting this site in your posts? 🙂

  16. Jonathan Says:

    Since white men are not intrinsically better capable of serving as president, the facts that we now have a black man and sometime soon will have a woman are good signs that we’re making progress towards it being “about the person and not the race” or gender.

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