Michelle Obama

Boy, does she dress like a slut or what?



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7 Responses to “Michelle Obama”

  1. Pat Says:

    And she spends a lot of money doing it too! Guess there are some things you don’t learn in law school?

  2. American Says:

    You may not like the political opinions of our president, but there is no reason to slander his family. It’s a pathetic attempt to make yourself feel better about your obviously ridiculous dislike toward a president who is more eloquent, more successful and more unifying that anyone in office during the last eight years. It’s all really very sad.

  3. Roland Says:

    American….and what Letterman said was perfectly ok? What the left said about Bush for eight years was fine? I suppose you were ok with the left making movies and writing books about killing Bush? With comedians talking about what a better world it would be if Dick Cheney was killed?

    Why is the left can spew hate all day long and are never called on it as much as the right is?

  4. t Says:

    Are you serious, or is this more of your wit designed to show how the left can get away with murder and the right just gets murdered? Because, um, not slutty. (And if it was wit, it wasn’t, because I had to ask.)

  5. Josh Brandt Says:

    First of all she doesn’t dress like a slut. Second eloquent, American?

    and so many more…
    not to mention the fact that his media pets have been acting like this for the past eight years:


  6. American Says:

    In response, I don’t agree with books, comedians, Web sites, magazines that slammed Bush or Cheney. I believe our president and vice president — no matter who he is — deserves respect. However, in those cases, it was the elected ones taking the heat — not Laura or Lynne. Your statement about Michelle Obama was out of line.

    As for David Letterman and Sarah Palin, the whole thing is ridiculous. His poor joke was a mistake, but her reaction that “children shouldn’t be left alone with Letterman” is equally as stupid. It’s a waste of our time.

  7. Dan The Man Says:

    I actually have no real issue with the jokes aimed at either side. I just get tired of seeing folks like Limbaugh and Coulter raked over the coals for weeks and weeks in much worse ways than Letterman for doing the exact same thing.

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