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How’s that “Hope” and “Change” treating ya?

June 22, 2009

Neal Boortz put together a pretty good Obama scorecard so far:

  • Trillions added to our national debt.
  • American is having trouble getting other countries to buy American debt
  • Obama virtually ignores a corrupt election in Iran. We leave it to French President Sarkozy to speak out for the Iranian people wanting a free election.
  • GM and Citigroup now government operations. More to come.
  • The government (Obama) gets to set executive compensation levels.
  • Obama seeking the ability to seize private businesses.
  • Firing inspector generals who uncover corruption involving Obama buddies.
  • Overturning established law to favor unions over secured creditors in GM’s bankruptcy.
  • Obama wants to reduce tax deductions for charitable deductions. Government doesn’t like competition.
  • The Washington DC voucher system, with a great record of success, slated for elimination while Obama’s kids go to private school.
  • Obama says 8% unemployment max. We’re nearing 10%
  • Obama moves to raise taxes on the small businesses that create the jobs.
  • North Korea threatening to send a missile toward Hawaii
  • While NK is lobbing missiles, Obama cuts spending in missile defense systems.

I gotta say…there isn’t much I can hope for and as for change….well, it ain’t always a good thing.

Can we get a moratorium on Obama?


Obama Infomercial

June 17, 2009


You know, I am SO very glad that we can finally put to rest all the bitching and moaning and complaining about the media being so bias and in the back pocket of the Democrats.  I mean, ABC has really gone and showed everyone how to be non-partisan and true…absolute true and honest journalists. 

You can read about how honest and unbiased ABC is here.

I wonder if Mark Elrod and his sheep are still making fun of Fox News for being so bias…

Michelle Obama

June 11, 2009

Boy, does she dress like a slut or what?