Guilty Until Proven Innoccent

I didn’t say it.  Obama did:

“If financial institutions won’t cooperate with us, we will assume that they are sheltering money in tax havens and act accordingly.”


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9 Responses to “Guilty Until Proven Innoccent”

  1. futiledemocracy Says:

    Excellently put by Obama. At last, someone standing up to the crooks on Wall Street.

  2. Dan The Man Says:


    1. You are implying there are no “crooks” in any other sort of business where money is involved?

    2. That no matter what Obama does, as long as it “gets the crooks” you are ok with this? Say, hauling them away in chains with no trial and sent off to prison would be ok?

    3. Please define who these “crooks” are and exactly what they are guilty of.

  3. Edward Carson Says:

    Why is this such a bad comment by Obama?

  4. Dan The Man Says:

    Mr. Carson, I think Roland is pointing out that Obama is already considering people guilty. Since when did assumption automatically mean guilt?

    Don’t have much time to write. Still scouring the constitution looking for where the Government is given the right to fire CEO’s, tell companies how much they can spend on marketing and give kids free college education.

  5. Josh Brandt Says:

    Unfortunately Dan, our country no longer respects or follows our own constitution, especially with our current administration.

  6. iantrevor Says:

    So let’s say I’m trying to get on a plane. In this scene, I refuse to let the TSA run my bag through a scanner and refuse to walk through the metal detector. Is the TSA agent who assumes that I am guilty of something and does not allow me on the plane within her rights, or should I feel offended and violated?

  7. Roland Says:

    ian, you know the rules when you fly. To scan your bag and walk thru the detector. Flying is not a right. Just don’t walk thru and go home. They will not prosecute you for that.

  8. iantrevor Says:

    And making a crap load of money and hiding its sources from regulators is a right? Now I understand how your ethic works.

  9. Robin Says:

    The government feels it is entitled to all of our income. It is theirs. By way of IRS rules they let us have certain parts of it depending on which criteria they set forth that we meet, i.e. deductions. The “loop holes” they are trying to shut are right now legal ways to keep your income. The government now wants to change the rules so they can get their hands on that money also. They call it “sheltering” and “tax havens” to make you think it is illegal and bad, and I guess you believe it.

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