Tea Party Protests

Have you seen how the left and the media has portrayed these protests yesterday?  CNN was calling it a rradical right wing extremist Fox News events.  What does Fox News have to do with protesting socialism and taxes?????  WTF? 

Oh, that Mark Elrod had not run into his bunker last year.  It would be wonderful to hear how he is probably doing the same thing yet all the events and protests he was part of were for the good of the country against those evil Republicans and George Bush. 

Don’t have much time now but I will try to post more about the events later.

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4 Responses to “Tea Party Protests”

  1. Robin Says:

    I attended the tea party in Lansing and I didn’t see or hear anyone who sounded radical. Just regular Americans who are tired of the government taking so much of their earned income and wasting and spreading it to those who don’t work exercise their right of free speech and to assemble. Sang the National Anthem said the Pledge and prayed. Very radical.

  2. Dan The Man Says:

    You really have to laugh at the people like Olberman and others who are laughing and making fun of these protests. They are making fun of people who want less taxes. They are making fun of people who want a government FOR the people. They are making fun of people who want less socialism.

    Yep. That sure is funny.

  3. Edward Carson Says:

    These Tea Party folks do know that we paid the British back for that tea dumped.

  4. Josh Brandt Says:

    I was at the tea party in Houson, and we were not a violent crowd. CNN said that we were very anti government, they made us out to be idiots, and they tried to downplay our motives for protesting in the first place. The fact is that the media felt threatened by our presence and they wanted to make us look as bad as they could.

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