Vice Presidents and Lies

What is it about Democratic Vice Presidents and their inability to tell the truth?  First Gore back in 2000 during the campaign.  Remember?  He made up all these stories or grossly exaggerated them to make himself look good.  Anyone remember the whole “I invented the Internet” one or how about the little girl who had to stand up all day because of lack of funding at her school?  Of course, the whole Global Warming thing is still an ongoing lie.  Well, now we have Biden and his whole “I scolded Bush”  thing.  Biden is going around and saying that multiple times, in private, he ripped on Bush while he was President to his face.  Now, anyone who knows anything about politics knows that this does not happen to a President whether they are Republican or Democrat. 

Just more Liberal lies.  We should all be used to it by now.


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6 Responses to “Vice Presidents and Lies”

  1. iantrevor Says:

    And of course, supposedly conservative vice presidents never lie, now do they?

  2. Politics & Culture Says:

    So, does the fact that GOP VPs also lie somehow excuse Biden’s (most recent) lie?

    What exactly is your point, iantrevor?

  3. iantrevor Says:

    My point is to refute the last sentence:

    “Just more Liberal lies. We should all be used to it by now.”

    because the fact is that both sides of the aisle lie. Why does it have to boil down to liberal v. conservative?

  4. Politics & Culture Says:

    The Dems are in the White House right now, so they get the scrutiny. I think the important point is that the media is ignoring this blatant lie.

  5. Josh Brandt Says:

    Lets not forget the flat out lie that Obama told. He looked America in the eyes and said he did not bow to the Saudi Arabian president. The stupidity is that anyone in the country can go to youtube and the old Interwebs to look it up.

  6. Robin Says:

    He has now lied and broken a campaign promise that he would adopt a shelter dog. Instead he has a pure bred dog that was a “gift” from Ted Kennedy. How convenient. He still broke a campaign promise.

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