Leave Obama Alone!

Big time Liberal, Alan Colmes, has a new article that pretty much whines and cries how we need to leave Obama alone.  Stop being so critical of him.  Let him do his job. 

Oh, please.  Give me a break.  Hey, Alan, where were you when the press piled on Bush night after night after night after night after night?  Oh, he addresses this in his article and states:

“don’t let our bad behavior be a blueprint for your own.”

Sorry Alan.  It just doesn’t work that way.  You can’t do one thing then turn around when your guy is in office and say “Yeah, what we did was bad so don’t do it yourself!” because we all know that you will turn right around and do it again once a Republican is back in office.   In fact, you’re doing it right now with every other Republican that is holding office.

He goes on in this article saying things like:

“I’m not suggesting we shouldn’t hold our government officials accountable…”

No, actually you ARE saying that Alan.  In fact, I am hearing many Democrats say that same thing in newspapers, on TV and callers to local radio shows.  They are crying and whining (much like many of the Liberals do here) on how we just need to let him do his job.  No, like ANY person who holds office, we must ask questions then question answers.  This goes for anything they do.  Whether it is something as asinine as the Patriot Act or  the stimulus bill.   When we don’t, we end up with more and more Govco controlling our lives. 

All this whining and crying reminds me of Liberal college professors.  Get over it! Let’s get another moratorium on whining!


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5 Responses to “Leave Obama Alone!”

  1. Josh Brandt Says:

    Once again Youtube has go the liberals back.

  2. Robin Says:

    Check Jonathan’s site regarding this issue.

  3. Edward Carson Says:

    I guess this is why he is not with FOX — right? We liberals do whine a bit; I know I do.

  4. Dan The Man Says:

    I think he left Fox to finally be on his own…and to get away from Sean. How could anyone work with him?

  5. Josh Brandt Says:

    In all fairness, Hannity and Colmes was a trainwreck. Colmes just kind of fell behind as Sean dominated the conversations. He was a bit timid. Sean does better with his own show, the great american panel he has on every show seems more organized and easier for both sides of a conversation to be distinguished.

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