AIG Bonuses

Can someone please tell me what the problem here is? 



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4 Responses to “AIG Bonuses”

  1. AvaP. Says:

    Only problem I see is that I’m not gettin’one! Now personally, I think it is in bad taste to keep a big bonus when your company as a whole is in the crapper and you make a pretty sweet salary…but that is just a personal opinion.

  2. Josh Brandt Says:

    Well, AIG giving big bonuses from bailout money is completely wrong. However it was legal, and the government being outraged at this is idiotic because they left the ability for them to do so in the contract.

    Geithner was in on this, he helped create the contract in question. Him denying his awareness of this occurence is corrupt and he should be punished.

  3. Roland Says:

    I agree with you Josh except that it really cannot be proven those bonuses came from the bailout money.

  4. Robin Says:

    The problem here is that the government handed over money they did not have to a private company. They should have kept their noses out and let AIG go bankrupt or be taken over. It’s comparable to someone who has their house foreclosed on and you loan them money to get but, but instead they are buying Columbia jackets for their five year old and spending thousands of dollars on Christmas presents. Once you lend the money you can’t control where it goes without taking over entirely.

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