The sky is NOT falling

So, now Obama is saying the Economy is “not as bad as we think”.  Huh.  A little over a month ago Obama was running around claiming the sky was falling.  He said:


“A failure to act, and now (on the bill), will turn crisis into a catastrophe.” 


What happened in one month to change his tune so much?  It’s easy.  It’s his falling poll number and the fact that his stimulus bill was passed.  Do you really think, if Obama had come out a month ago and said “It’s not really as bad as you think” that the bill would have been passed? No way!  What a joke.


Oh, by the way, I wonder if the quote above, that it’s not as bad as we think”, will get as much air play as the Bush one “the foundations of our economy are strong.”  For some odd reason, probably not.


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