Nice Gift Obama!

Did you hear about the gift exchange between the UK Prime Minister and Obama?  Gordon Brown, on his first official visit to the Obama White House, presents the President with 1. a pen holder carved from wood of an old British anti-slavery ship and, 2. a first edition of a biography of Churchill.  Very nice.  What did Obama give Brown?  A DVD box set of the 25 greatest American movies.

Can you say joke?  Gaffe?  Idiotic?  Imagine if Bush had did this…the late night comics and main stream media would have shredded him and pointed out that it proves he is a dope but Obama does it and you hear hardly a peep. 

When are we going to start hearing about what an idiot Obama is?  I mean, compared to Obama, Bush is a rocket scientist.


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8 Responses to “Nice Gift Obama!”

  1. Josh Brandt Says:

    Well he hasn’t been very thoughtful about anything else he’s done during his presidency so far, why would this be any different.

  2. Another One Bites The Dust « Mans Inc. Says:

    […] process is an indicator of a bigger problem and the Liberal media has not given Obama any heat over this mockery. I guess God can do no […]

  3. AvaP. Says:

    OMG! I hope there was a 20$ Blockbuster giftcard and a box of microwave popcorn with that! Can you say TACKY! What an embarrassment.

  4. Josh Brandt Says:

    Oh did you hear about what Hilary and the Russian president? Check it out.

  5. AvaP. Says:

    Josh..watched the clip..what is with all of this meaningless Wal-mart crap as “gifts”……those three (Obama, Biden and Clinton) are like the three stooges!

  6. Josh Brandt Says:

    It just seems to me that they aren’t trying very hard to make nice with other countries. Like Obama screwing up with the Prime minister, I can let that go because they’re already our allies. But Russia!? We are on fairly shaky ground with them, this is just embarassing.

  7. Josh Brandt Says:

    Oh and I forgot something. Our DVDs DO NOT work on their players. Now whether or not they got DVDs with the right format, I don’t know. But I am seriously doubting it considering the obvious lack of thought that went into his “gift”.

  8. Jonathan Says:

    “compared to Obama, Bush is a rocket scientist” – absurd. They’re both smart guys. One has a BA from Yale and an MBA from Harvard. The other has a BA from Columbia and graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law.

    Sounds like you guys should give Jon Stewart a try. Could be your new favorite show. 😉 He ridiculed the DVD gift and the Hillary/Russian thing one right after the other: link

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