Economy is Obama’s

The WSJ has a great article on how Obama is running out of people to blame as the market drops more and more points each day. 

It’s true and you really would have a difficult time trying to pin the current drop on Wall Street to Bush (although, I am sure Mark Elrod will find a way).  Every time one of Obama’s advisers talks about the economy or every time the Liberals pass another spending bill or whenever Obama talks about what he is going to do (such as tax the rich and business), the market tanks. 

Take a look at the article and I look forward to your responses.


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19 Responses to “Economy is Obama’s”

  1. Robert K Minniti, CPA, CFE, Cr.FA, CFF, MBA Says:

    I would like to float a proposal for an economic stimulus plan past you for your consideration. The basics of the idea are in an article at . Please review this article and let me know what you think. This will be the basis for a more in depth paper on the concept.

    Thank you for assisting with this project.

    Robert K. Minniti, CPA, CFE, Cr.FA, CFF, MBA

  2. Dillon Sorensen Says:

    You should consider seeking the help of a professional so that you can get over your infatuation with all things Mark Elrod.

    How about a moratorium on all references to Mark Elrod on this blog – both the direct and indirect ones. The only thing that’s worse than you saying “I wonder what that hypocrite Mark Elrod would say” is you saying “a certain political science professor that I know who took his blog private…”

  3. Dan The Man Says:

    Excellent WSJ article. It really nails the point home.

    I am also tired, not only of the Democrats trying to blame all this on Bush (still) but also the fact that so many of them say “Well, we had to do something!”. Actually, in many cases, doing nothing IS better than doing something. The economy was starting to fight back, as this article states. The Dow was in the 9000 range. The Liberals don’t really like that because then they cannot implement their radical agenda so Obama had to begin to talk down the economy which quickly showed on Wall Street and gave the Liberals the chance to pass more spending and get the economy to worsen.

    This economy belongs to Obama. Period.

    Now, if only we could get some good Liberals on here to try to defend all this however, as you point out Roland, many have crawled under rocks because they simply cannot.

  4. Tom Awtry Says:

    I favor President Obama’s Stimulus plan, as you can see by my recent posting:

    And sure hope it works for all Americans, everywhere!

  5. Dan The Man Says:

    So, Tom, because Americans favor the plan means it’s ok? Means we don’t question it? Means that it is not what is bring the market down? It’s funny…I hear more and more how we need to shut-up and give Obama a chance and not question all his plans. I don’t think so, Comrade!

  6. Dillon Sorensen Says:

    I would defend Obama’s economic policy, but since none of you know how to respect opinions other than your own, it would be a waste of my time.

  7. Dan The Man Says:

    Dillon, baseless accusations will really get you nowhere fast. I don’t really recall not respecting your opinion.

    Please, let us hear it.

  8. Dillon Sorensen Says:

    “HOLY SH*@!!!! Dill..dude..your inexperienced ,untax paying, immature, colors are showing!”

    “You may not understand this, Dillon, due to your youth…”

    AvaP is really the only person who I found to be extremely disrespectful, but I also found your comment to be a little rude, Dan. You can attack my opinions all you want, by when you make it personal, you sound unintelligent and lose the respect of others. I now know that whatever I say will be shot down since all 16 year-olds are stupid.

    That being said, one person cannot be blamed for the credit crisis. EVERYONE had their part. Businesses, consumers, politicians, etc. I was not expecting Obama to fix the economy in a month, however, I am a bit disappointed by Obama’s economic efforts so far, considering that he has not kept many of his campaign promises. But, he IS a politician. I am willing to give him time though.

  9. Dan The Man Says:

    First of all, I never said that first quote. Secondly, that second quote was a fact. You are young so may not understand certain things we, who are older, have experienced. Third, not just talking about the economy as a whole but the last month where the market has crashed every time Obama suggests something.

  10. theNimrod Says:

    I’m tryin’ really hard to give you the benefit of the doubt here, Dillon, but no one’s being disrespectful. Grow some thicker skin.

    There’s no doubt that capitalism – as it exists in America’s entrepreneurs, business leaders, and markets – is not responding positively to Obama or his policies.

  11. Josh Brandt Says:

    Dillon, I see where your coming from, but I think instead of saying “whatever I’m gonna give up trying to state my opinion because I’m being ridiculed for it” you should push through and not care what other people say. As long as you defend it, its yours. How do you think I feel when I comment on the Professor? (I haven’t in quite a while, but humor me.) I’ve been called naive, unintelligent etc. on the professor and I pushed through it. I like hearing your opinion, and just because I disagree with it doesn’t mean I’m attacking it. I do agree that comments against you have been rash, but with all the snyed remarks you make (which, in essence, are attacks in more subtle ways) I don’t think they have been unwarranted. And since neither you or I pay taxes yet, there are things that we don’t fully understand due to lack of experience, that is easily argued.

    Now as for the article, it is insightful and well written.

    Tom, unfortunately I doubt it will. Government spending won’t help. The people and business spending will. I admit there are some good things in the bill, but it’s like searching for a gold coin in a septic tank.

  12. Jonathan Says:

    I agree with Dillon regarding the quality of the discussion here and (lack of) respect for differing opinions (and the lameness of all the Elrod references). That’s why I hardly ever come around anymore.

    You don’t have to look too hard in the threads I’ve participated in to see how quickly the ad hominem attacks start. The classic was when in a comment (with apparently sticky ? and ! keys) the commenter ridiculed me for my ignorance in the same sentence that he misspelled shining: “Your ignorance is really showing Mr. J. It’s shinning through in fact.”

    In the thread before that (about torture) I was called a “huffing and puffing” hypocrite “just want[ing] to justify [my] support of a pro-abortion candidate”

    I really enjoy having discussions with people who think differently than I do. I learn from those discussions…both in better understanding other points of view as well as clarifying my own. However, for it to be enjoyable you need to have mutual respect. Even more important than that, you need to have discussion partners who demonstrate that they can objectively evaluate other points of view, that demonstrate that they understand the reasonable points you make even if they don’t agree (rather than simply ridiculing or questioning the motives or changing the subject to some other point while ignoring the one you made), emphasize areas of agreement in addition to disagreement, who attempt to foster mutual understanding (not just winning an argument), etc. Those are signs of an open and fruitful discussion as opposed to bickering or talking at each other without actually listening.

  13. Josh Brandt Says:

    Jonothan, I agree. We can use a little banter, but it can’t get out of hand. I also think however, that if someone steps out of line, we can get over it and let them look like a jerk.

    Now please lets discuss the article and get over the fighting.

  14. Robin Says:

    The problem arises when you want everyone to agree with you. When you can’t persuade them and they tell you why then the discussion is deemed no longer a discussion and is deemed bickering.

  15. Mr. Do! Says:

    Jonathan, it’s funny you should mention ridicule, ad hominem attacks, lack of mutual respect, questioning the motives or changing the subject to some other point while ignoring the one you made and Mark Elrod in the same sentence because, before Dr. Elrod took his site private, that is exactly what happened there. Day in and day out. People like Greg Kendall-Ball and others did just what you are accusing people here of. It’s no different yet you still cruise the Elrod site. Could it be you really don’t like having discussions with people who you disagree with but would much rather just sit around all day and agree with each other? That is what the Elrod site is now. A bunch of lemmings.

  16. Dan The Man Says:

    Again, Jonathan and others, can’t we get back to the discussion? Seems to me, once again, that many of you people who disagree with Roland have been very silent over the past few posts he has made. Instead, you choose either to not respond or to respond with “he said, she said, I’m taking my ball and going home you bill bully” comments.

    Could it be that you really have no response at all to the excellent posts and articles that have been posted? Is that why you are staying away or refusing to debate?

  17. Josh Brandt Says:

    Can we agree to actually discuss and debate instead of getting our little feelings hurt and bickering over stupid stuff.

  18. Josh Brandt Says:

    Oh btw Dillon, I want to show you something real quick. Check out this link:

    Now I know what your gonna say so get past the Fox news symbol at the bottom and listen to what its saying. Don’t think about the big R or D.

  19. Jonathan Says:

    Mr. Do!,

    ad hominem in the context of attacking the person rather than their arguments (questioning motives, etc.). I’m not saying no one should ever be critical or me or Roland or anyone else…as Josh indicated, it should preferably be kept at a minimum…and shouldn’t be confused with actual substantive arguments. I agree that there are some people on Elrod’s blog (well, actually for the most part, one…JH) who often makes interesting points but usually does it in a way that if off-putting and uncharitable or just plain mean.


    It’s not that I expect everyone to agree with me and that it’s no longer a “discussion” if you don’t. It’s that I don’t find it enjoyable or useful to have a dialogue where my discussion partner is NEVER able or willing to see and acknowledge any areas of agreement or to acknowledge that I ever make any reasonable points even if you don’t agree with them. Online discussion tends towards emphasis on disagreement alone, and I don’t find that to be enjoyable. On the other hand, if there really are absolutely no points of agreement to be acknowledged, then the discussion is probably a waste of time from the start.

    Dan The Man,

    Even when I made a habit of reading this blog regularly, I didn’t respond to everything because some things I didn’t consider interesting, some things I didn’t think it was worth discussing, etc. No, it is not the case that I have no response at all.

    About this article:

    I think it doesn’t make sense to claim that after 6 or 7 weeks in office that the day to day movements of the stock market or or the economy in general are all Obama’s responsibility. Stocks are on a winning streak over the last few days, largest since November. I don’t think that’s all his doing either. Obviously, the current economic crisis has roots that go back well before Obama came into office. Obviously, the actions (or in-action) of the Obama administration are having an effect on the economy and the outlook on Wall Street. Ultimately, Obama will be judged by whether the economy improves or continues to tank, but that will be fairly judged over months and years, not a few weeks.

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