Govco Madness

Ok.  Here is a great example of why Govco is such a failure and corrupt and, well, quite frankly, just a big bunch of idiots.   In a city where a friend of mine and a contributor to the Moratorium site lives they have a huge budget shortfall.  Over $7 million for 2009.  The County is looking at $90 million shortfall.  The school district is looking even worse with $100 million in the red.  YET, what is the city doing?  Let’s see…$67,000 for an art sculpture at a fire station, funding for a water park (that has lost millions of dollars over the past two years), funding for a baseball stadium, funding for a hall of fame, funding for a light rail system that is losing money, funding for a basketball arena for a billionaire, funding for traffic police for same arena, funding for same sex benefits…the list goes on and on.  Joke, right?  Um..yeah!


Now, these same city geniuses are wringing their hands about the layoffs they are going to have to make at the schools and other city/county businesses.  Larger class sizes, fewer city services, less money for welfare.  Also, fewer Police on the streets so higher crime.  Less money for prosecutors and for processing crimes such as rape cases.  Oh, woe is me!!!  What are we to do….except pay for outrageous things such as “art” and traffic control for a billionaire? 


Remember folks, this is YOUR Govco at work.  These are the people YOU voted for.   Don’t come crying to me when YOU keep putting them in office AND supporting them simply because of the big “R” or “D” on their jersey.


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2 Responses to “Govco Madness”

  1. Robin Says:

    I just received an email stating the draft and gun registration was slipped in somewhere is this spending bill. Anyone heard anything about that or is someone just starting a rumor.

  2. AvaP. Says:

    UGH! Don’t tell me THAT!!!!!!!!!

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