Which is it?

So, Obama tells Fox news that:

“There is no magic bullet to these situations.” 

and then goes on to say that we face the end of the world as we know it if we don’t pass this spending bill from Congress:

“A failure to act, and act now [on the bill], will turn crisis into a catastrophe,”

Great way to stir up fear and loathing there Obama.  “Catastrophe”???   Remember when Bush would mention something about the state of the economy and the left would say he was “talking down” the ecomony?   I guess that doesn’t apply to “The Chosen One”.

Anyway, I think we need a moratorium on calling this thing a “stimulus” as it will not stimulate the economy.  It’s only a spending bill.  That’s it.


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4 Responses to “Which is it?”

  1. Dan The Man Says:

    Obama is quoted yesterday in saying “the time for talk is over” concerning the stimulus bill. What is amusing is that with Bush and Iraq, the talking should never have been over. The Democrats wanted Bush to talk and talk and talk before any bullets would be fired and that was with people trying to murder us. With Obama, we can only discuss things for a week, maybe two and then we have to move on it.

  2. Josh Brandt Says:

    I don’t think he wants people to talk about it. He just wants it passed to “stimulate” his own socialist agenda. The less we talk about it the better (for him). Support for the bill is falling daily as people talk about it more and more, he knows that. He wants it passed before people know exactly what he is doing. So much for transparency.

  3. unknownconservative Says:

    Gee, when Bush used similar comments concerning things like Social Security, and going into Iraq, he was accused of playing off of people’s fears.

    Now, the rest of us are supposed to stand behind our president, and help him succeed. To translate: all the opposition should shut up, and let Democrats do whatever they want.

    When it comes to fear-mongering, Republicans haven’t the adeptness of skill in comparison to Democrats.

    People also seem to forget the crisis du jour during the Clinton Administration. There was the healthcare crisis, the daycare crisis, the “worst economy since the Great Depression”, and so on. These are the same basic tactics being rehashed and replayed from 1993. And the bootlickers in the press, blinded by their overt sexual attraction to their new idol, are throwing their skepticism right out the window.

  4. Roland Says:

    “Fear-mongering”. Exactly. When Bush, in 2000, said the economy was slowing down he was accused of “talking down the economy”.

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