Have you noticed that Liberals don’t want to give you tax cuts and say that paying higher taxes is patriotic yet THEY don’t pay their taxes???   

 Huh.  I don’t get it.


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4 Responses to “Taxes”

  1. Dan The Man Says:

    Actually, Mr. Roland, what is there not to get? Democrats love to spend our money. They go on retreats to expensive hotels and wine and dine on our money while “brainstorming” on new ways to, well, spend more of our money. Not that Republicans don’t but I just noticed that in the current economic situation we are in, Democrats recently did this on the taxpayer dime while Republicans did not.

  2. Jeff Says:

    Obama is in WAAAAY over his head.

  3. Dan The Man Says:

    I agree Jeff. I have heard this theory thrown out there: Obama never really intended to be President yet. Last year he thought he would throw his hat in the ring just to get some experience in running and more recognition. Since everyone assumed it would be Hillary, he didn’t really expect to get the nominiation. Well, the pickings on the Democrat side were slim and no one really likes Hillary so Obama got it. Had the Democrats had a stronger candidate to put up there, Obama would still be a Senator.

    I would really agree with this and your comment.

  4. Edward Carson Says:

    Oh those rich people are a different type of liberal. I belong to the other type of liberals — the poor ones.

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