He knows better

I just had to make this into a post.  I made a comment about Mitch Albom and his ridiculous comment on how government should stop the “elitist immorality” of businesses spending money.  His exact quote is:

“Enough is enough. If they won’t stop this elitist immorality, the government should make them.”

He is crying about John Thain the former CEO of Merrill Lynch and the huge bill he racked up on redecorating his office.  Albom thinks that Govco needs to step in and tell businesses what they can spend money on and how much.  I guess he is following in the footsteps of “King Obama” in that Govco should decide how much your salary is and when you can make bonuses. 

You know, Mitch left out two things.  One is that Thain spent that money on his office back when the stock market was at 14,000 and the total melt down had not started.  Secondly, Mitch left out that he in the Forbes 2007 list and made $6,000,000 that year.   Shouldn’t Govco step in and tell him for a writer, that is just too much money? You know, I also think it’s stupid that a business would spend that much money on an office but, it’s THEIR money.  Also, how much do some of these businesses give to charity? 

Maybe profession athletes and actors make too much m0ney.  Where is Albom and Obama on that? 

Bunch of whining Liberals who we all need a moratorium on.

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6 Responses to “He knows better”

  1. Edward Carson Says:

    I like Albom, but I think I will agree with you here.

  2. Josh Brandt Says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but: Mr. Carson I agree with you on a political subject.

  3. Roland Says:

    I used to like Albom as well…when he stuck to sports. I don’t really like “crossovers”. You know…actors trying to be rock stars, rock stars trying to be actors….it only really works when they completely leave the other world. You can’t mix and match. Hmm…I sure do a moratorium on “crossovers”.

  4. unknownconservative Says:

    Mitch Albom is your basic drooling liberal moron. He’s also one of the most hypocritical people out there. He regularly “dumps” callers who have an opposing viewpoint, and are able to hold their own with the call screener. I got dumped at least three times. Albom will then put on the most cliche’ individual he can find to express the “opposing” viewpoint.

    I remember Albom ranting one time about certain conservative celebrities expressing a political point of view. Then, when an average individual went after the Dixie Chicks, Albom criticized her for trying to silence “dissent” (as if Natalie Maines would be the person I’d actually want agreeing with me). The guy is a sports columnist and a writer. If he fell off the earth tomorrow, hardly anyone would know he’s missing.

    Here in Michigan, there is a rock station morning program that documented something like three times where Albom has “fudged” his writing – one is well-known, and was reported upon by his own paper. This same morning show also mentioned what a “swell” guy he was in public. So his use of the term “elitist” is kinda comical.

    As for his “knowing better” – no, he doesn’t know better. He’s a “journalist” (yes, I’ve heard him compare himself to journalists) who does what other “journalists” do: report only the facts that promote the storyline. If it’s “greedy executives”, then he’ll only report the facts that make private sector executives look “greedy”. The fact that someone like Barney Frank has been pitching woo with flirtatious she-men at Fannie Mae, of course, does not follow that storyline because he is not a “greedy” private businessman or executive, he’s a Democrat, a like-minded liberal, and insider woo-pitching is a perfectly acceptable form of government interaction in Mitch Albom’s little demented world.

    And…uh…what’s Barney Frank’s net-worth again? Something like $1.8 million?

    Albom is an elitist liberal with a microphone. He writes a bunch of metrosexual-oriented books, and thinks because he comes from a “sports” background that this somehow qualifies him to be a “man”. I usually only listen to him by accident while I’m driving back from work. Then, I change to something a tad more informative…like throwing in an Iron Maiden CD into my vehicle’s CD player. Trust me, there is less distortion going on with three Heavy Metal guitar players than there is on the Mitch Albom show.

  5. Roland Says:

    Makes you wonder how our favorite Liberal, Mark Elrod, feels about all this as we already know he is against profits. From his blog in or about 2006, he was very critical of Bush saying he was going to hit the speaker circuit after he got out of office to “refill the coffers”.

  6. Dan The Man Says:

    I cannot really see how one could be against fees for speaking. Every President does it, it’s legal and one has to make a living somehow.

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