Obama attacks Rush

Boy, it’s nice to see the new President so concerned about the lives of American citizens that he puts the lives of Terrorists first and then tells the GOP to stop listening to Rush.  I tell ya, THAT is really going to spur on the economy and keep us safe.  Not listening to Rush.  Yep.  That’s the ticket.

What a load of crap.  He wants to stop all the partisanship.  This was pointed out before on this site but isn’t it funny that only the Republicans can be partisan?  Should Democrats stop listening to Al Franken? How about Jimmy Carter?  Bill Clinton?  Keith Olberman?  Why didn’t Obama talk about Olberman and tell the Democrats to stop listening to him?  Why?  It’s because Democrats can’t be partisan.  When Democrats talk about crossing the aisle they mean for Republicans to come to their side, to cave and, the sad thing is, many Republicans are (which is why I am leaving the GOP). 

Bill Clinton tried this as well.  Remember his little war with Rush back in the early years of his administration?  It didn’t work.  Rush just got more and more listeners and helped the GOP take the house in 1994.  Besides, last I checked, we still had freedom to listen to whoever we damn well please. 

Remember, after 2004 when Bush talked about this “political capital” he had to spend and the Liberals were whining and bitching about his gloating?  Now, Obama does the same thing but we hear nothing about it.  It’s the same thing with the decisions he is making.  With Bush it was “A controversial executive order…” and with Obama it’s just an “executive order”. 

Anyway, can we get a moratorium on Democrats attacking talk radio?  You guys suck at it so get used to it!


One Response to “Obama attacks Rush”

  1. Politics & Culture Says:

    Is this the kind of change you Obama supporters voted for — no more dissent???


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