Buy American

I saw this article in the Detroit Free Press today and wanted to comment on it.  Basically, the article talks about auto workers in the Detroit area who are pushing for more people to buy American made cars.  The only problem with that whole mentality is this:

– Many “foreign” cars are manufactured in the United States

– You may be an “American made” car but many of the parts and accessories are made overseas.

– Sure, you buy an American made car, but what about your clothes, TV, DVD, Ipod, radio and cell phone?  Are THEY all made in the U.S.?  

– Perhaps if the big three had produced well made cars over the past thirty years, they wouldn’t be in this situation.

– Why should I buy an overpriced Ford, GM or Chrysler when I can get more for my money by buying a Hyundai or a Toyota?  

What is really laughable is the intimidation and out right violence that you can face up in Detroit if you buy foreign.  You will find your car getting more door dings up there or egged or spat upon if you dare drive around in a Honda or a Mazda.  Nothing shows pride in your country by hocking a big, green wad of snot on someone’s car simply because they exercised their freedom and free market capitalism by buying a Kia.  

Can we please get a moratorium on hypocritical Communist thugs?


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6 Responses to “Buy American”

  1. scalesoflibra Says:

    Hello! I just tag surfed on over and have to say, great post!

    Definitely, the fact that so much of what we use in life is made outside of the US makes the whole “buy American” thing seem a bit silly. I think what it ultimately comes down to is that there are jobs that Americans think they’re too good to do, but auto manufacturing has as yet to be stigmatized as “dirty” or otherwise undesirable the way other sorts of factory and farm work have been.

  2. Jonathan Says:

    Even if “American-made” weren’t ill-defined these days, I agree it would be a mistake to buy an inferior product just because it was American…

  3. Roland Says:

    That’s a good way to put it Jonathan. If America made a widget where the hinge always broke and Korea made one where it didn’t AND it cost less, should I automatically buy the American one?

  4. Josh Brandt Says:

    If you really want to buy American, it would be very difficult to shop anywhere inside the U.S.
    The point is this guy wants to keep his job (I don’t blame him though), he doesn’t care what you buy as long as it supports him. I would intentionally buy a foreign car just to piss them off.
    Also, I think that the quality of the car doesn’t have as much to do with their downfall as the union draining them by forcing them to pay people who don’t work for them.

    And don’t diss ford, Mustangs are my favorite car =)

  5. Roland Says:

    See, I disagree. With as much as I distain Unions, the auto companies signed those contracts. You can’t blame an agent for trying to get the most money for their client.

  6. Josh Brandt Says:

    True, True

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