I wrote about this topic almost two years ago.  The fact that Hollywood has lost all originality.  Have you noticed that most of the movies they make these days are remakes?  Not just remakes of old movies but relatively new ones as well.  They are actually remaking the Karate Kid now!!  That’s why we don’t really go see movies much anymore and the ones we rent are usually “B” movies or independent films that are original.  

Even TV shows can’t really be original anymore.  Most of the time they are just copying off British shows.  Take all these so called great shows such as All in the Family, The Office (which I actually enjoy), Too Close for Comfort, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Three’s Company, Sanford And Son, American Idol…and the list goes on…all taken from successful British shows.  Where has creativity gone?

Thankfully, some shows such as Seinfeld, Arrested Development, Curb Your Enthusiasm and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and 30 Rock are funny AND original (please don’t spoil it and tell me one of these is a rip off).  Except for Seinfeld, I think the reason these are/were great shows is not only because they have great writing and are funny but because they don’t have a laugh track.  Who wants to hear canned laughter about a joke that’s not even funny???

Anyway, can we please get more creative, original people in Hollywood and get a moratorium on remakes?

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3 Responses to “Original?”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Now that I’m used to watching shows without laugh tracks or studio audiences, it is SO painful to watch a show with a laugh track.

    Also, a few years back I started watching a few shows on BBCAmerica and was surprised about how many shows on that channel that I really enjoyed (compared to a typical American tv channel). I assume it’s because that’s sort of a “best of” channel collecting the best from the BBC channels, so maybe it’s not too surprising to find more consistent quality there the typical American channel…but the other conclusion is that I like British tv.

  2. Roland Says:

    I’ll even take a show filmed in front of a studio audience to a laugh track one. At least then it is a LITTLE more real but they still have the “applause” signs.

    Remember the old Scooby Doo show? They had a laugh track for that.

  3. Mark Says:

    Because all hollywood types are the same kind of people with the same moral, political, and religious views, they don’t have much variety to choose from. And the variety that could exist, they largely frown on.

    I agree, though. There are really only about 5 movie plots in existence that just keep getting recycled. The hero who saves the captured person. The relationship that is challenged, but manages to work out in the end. The grumpy person whose heart is warmed over time by a child. The child who disobeys and gets lost on a journey, trying to find his/her way home, eventually proving to his/her parent that really, kids know best (every Disney/Pixar movie from the last few years). Stuff like that.

    I feel your pain.

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