Global *#!*@%$*! Warming

Damn that Global Warming!!!!!

For those of you up north, throw another log on the fire!


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5 Responses to “Global *#!*@%$*! Warming”

  1. Robin Says:

    It’s going to get to 20 below tonight here in Michigan. I can’t wait for global warming and wish it would hurry up!!!!! I haven’t been warm since November 1st.

  2. Roland Says:

    Ah, Michigan. Where at?

  3. AvaP. Says:

    School is cancelled today up here because the w.c. is -25! That global warming better get kickin before we freeze to death up here!

    This is why the term “global warming” is being phased out and replaced by “climate change”. That way funding can be manipulated either way…warm or cold! We are idiots (as a society) to put up with crap like this!

  4. Roland Says:

    See, I know that AvaP. I understand they are changing the term to “climate change” to encompass EVERYTHING…but they are STILL harping on the world getting warmer. They said ten years ago that by the middle of the decade we would be seeing temps around the world much higher. Now, they are saying it won’t be until the middle of the next decade.

    Although they are changing the term, they still talk about the warming (even though they really don’t have a leg to stand on).

  5. Robin Says:

    I’m in Howell which is 52 miles northwest of Detroit. As far as renaming global warming to climate change isn’t that what the climate on earth has been doing for millions of years?

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