No Choice for YOU!!!

So, once again, the hypocrisy of the Democrats shines ever so brightly.  Obama is following in the footsteps of the Clintons.  No, no…there is no intern (at least not yet).  It has to do with their children.  Once again, Obama shows us what is ok for his family is not ok for yours.  Just what am I getting at?  Well, today, the Obama children start school in D.C… a private school.  What is wrong for you, that being school choice, is perfectly ok for Obama and the Clintons.  Nice.

So, let’s take a look at this.  So, say you are sick and tired of Govco run schools that continue to indoctrinate your kids into the Liberal philosophy, that continue to pass kids who can’t even spell, that continue to NOT teach your kids and you want to take some of your hard earned tax money that you pay to these bottomless money pits and actually use it to send your kids somewhere where they will actually learn.  Well, sorry. No such luck.  Thanks, once again, to failed Unions (in the pockets of, who else, the Liberals), school choice, which is desired by the majority of U.S. tax payers, is not an option.  BUT, Obama and his family, who are “strong supporters” of public education, get to send their kids to a nice, plush private school.  Once again, nice.

Hey, I am in no way saying it’s wrong or something to send your kids to a high class private school.  I wish I had the money to do that with my kids.  I’m just pointing out that I SHOULD have that choice.  I should be able to take some tax money, that I pay, and apply it to a private school that is going to actually teach my kids something. 

Here is a nice stat for you…in the city I live in, public schools spend almost as much money, per pupil, as it would cost to send that same kid to the nicest, ritziest, private school in town…..and the public schools test scores STILL suck. 

So, anyway, my moratorium is on Liberals who are all for killing babies in the womb (pro-choice) but are against giving parents (who choose to give life to their kids) the right to give their kids a quality education.


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11 Responses to “No Choice for YOU!!!”

  1. Jerome Says:

    The intern will be a guy this time…..

  2. Jonathan Says:

    When did Obama say it wasn’t OK for my kids to attend a private school?

  3. valery Says:

    the post is great!!

    very interesting! I will definitely be back here.

    nice job~:)

  4. AvaP. Says:

    Great post! Couldn’t agree more. I would LOVE someone to explain this one to me…why do we have “CHARTER” schools. We have one down the street with a four year waiting list! Very strict, very high scoring, uniforms, great parent participation etc… They recieve a HUGE chunk of DISTICT money..MY DISTRICT money. Yes, I understand the definition of “charter school”..I just don’t understand why ALL schools are not run in this capacity?

  5. Jonathan Says:

    There is a difference between having a choice and having a choice subsidized by taxes. Obama and I both have a choice and neither of us has a tax-subsidized choice. Being opposed to voucher programs is not the same as saying its not OK to send your kids to private school.

    Part of Obama’s reasoning for his daughters was privacy and security needs that would be burdensome for a typical public school.

    Obama shares your conviction that something needs to be done about the schools. However, he believes the best solution is probably to invest in the public schools rather than siphoning off funding to private schools. I don’t know what the answer is, but we choose to send our kids to our neighborhood public school rather than other (better) public schools in town or private options…in part because we prefer to be a part of our neighborhood school and community and to try to make it a better place rather than to abandon it. My situation is so different from Obama’s in so many ways that I certainly won’t sit in judgment of the choice he made.

    Regardless, Obama’s mind is not closed about this issue:

    Senator Obama said this week that he is open to supporting private school vouchers if research shows they work. “I will not allow my predispositions to stand in the way of making sure that our kids can learn,” Mr. Obama, who has previously said he opposes vouchers, said in a meeting with the editorial board of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. “We’re losing several generations of kids, and something has to be done.”

  6. Roland Says:

    “best solution is probably to invest in the public schools…”

    Jon, excuse me please while I laugh my head off. What have we been doing for the past 50 or so years? Year after year we throw more and more and more and more money at Public schools and see worse and worse and worse schools.

    Secondly, how do you get research that they work with politicans, unions and courts will not allow vouchers?

    Third, you say you choose to send your kids to a different public school? Every place I have lived, you cannot choose to send your kids to a certain school. You have to prove where you live and then you must send your kids there. I have had friends falsify addresses just to send their kids to better schools. In most places, you really don’t get a choice. The city/county decides for you.

    Private schools, for the most part are better, are run better and educate more than any public school ever could.

    Oh, BTW, the fact that Obama and the Democrats oppose vouchers is basically the same as them telling me I cannot send my kids to private school. For more reference take a look at California and their almost ban on home schooling.

  7. Jonathan Says:

    There are reasonable arguments on both sides of the debate…some of them can be read here:

    It’s not “basically the same thing.” No more than not having universal healthcare is basically the same thing as saying some people can’t have healthcare. Or maybe it is. Since you presumably oppose gov-sponsored universal healthcare I guess it’s “basically the same thing” as you not wanting some people to have healthcare.

    If I were crass I might suggest that you should stop whining and earn more money or make the necessary personal sacrifices to send your kids to a private school…but that would be unfair and impolite.

    We have public “school of choice” in our school district so we could send our kids to other “better” public schools in our county at no additional cost but instead we choose to send them to the public school for which we are zoned.

  8. Roland Says:

    Yeah, Jon, maybe I should stop giving to church or other charities…maybe that is the kind of “sacrifice” I should make. lol.

  9. Roland Says:

    Wait a second…this is too good….Jon, would you be for more people working harder, making sacrificies and getting off welfare or paying for their own health insurance and not having Govco pay it? Maybe if people made more “sacrificies” then Govo would not have to tax the hell out of us to “give to others”.

  10. Jonathan Says:

    Yes, I am for those things.

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