Are you getting a raise?

In this shaky, precarious economy, with businesses going bankrupt, layoffs and the like, it may be rare this year that people get their usual raise.  In fact, many companies are not just cutting back on raises but cutting back on 401k matches.  It’s rough.  Companies are getting bailed out by taxpayers and are still struggling. 

So, are you getting one?  Congress is.  They are getting, on average, close to a $5000 raise.  While you are struggling to make ends meet without any sort of increase and, in many cases, a decrease in your income, Congress fat cats sit back and rake in more money (from you).  Nice.  Remember, these are the SAME people who, just a few weeks ago, chastised the auto executives for taking private jets to Washington.  Hypocrites.

Oh…and don’t forget who has controlled Congress since 2006…DEMOCRATS!


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One Response to “Are you getting a raise?”

  1. Robin Says:

    No, but I’ve lost a third of my monthly income from losing jobs because my clients are losing theirs.

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