The Dallas Cowboys

What a great day!!!  The most overhyped team of the year loses the game that could send them into the playoffs….and loses BIG TIME!  Ahhh….the day is sweet.

Yeah, I HATE the Cowboys.  I used to like them….before I went to college in the south and had to endure their loud, obnoxious fans.  You know, I can liken the Cowboys to the Obama phenomenon.  They are both alike:

-People like them but can’t explain why.  I really hate people who are Dallas fans with no connection to Dallas much less Texas.  I know people who have never even been within 1000 miles of Texas yet are huge Cowboy fans.  Why?  Well, the simple reason is that they win so, it’s easy to be a Cowboy fan.  Same with Obama.  He’s black, he’s a Democrat so…it’s easy to be an Obama supporter.

-They are called America’s Team.  What?  How do THEY represent America?  Makes me sick.  Sorta like all the hype that pretty much makes Obama the Messiah.

-Their supporters are obnoxious, self-centered and loud.  So are the Cowboy fans. 

-They will do ANYTHING to win.  Put thugs and slime on their team, buy Superbowl rings and get all the breaks from the refs.  Ditto Obama

-The press (or commentators) simply drool over them and talk about them as if they are the 2nd coming.  Again, same with the Democrats.

-They are always on.  No matter where you are in the country, usually Dallas gets one of the time slots.  Sigh…once again, same with Obama.

Anyway, I would hope that we could get a 20 year moratorium on any and all things Cowboys (and Obama for that matter) but I know I’m only dreaming.


3 Responses to “The Dallas Cowboys”

  1. odgie Says:

    I share your distaste for the Cowboys. I too have pondered how they won the title “America’s Team.” However, given a choice between them and Obama, i’d take Obama.

    One critical difference between the Cowboys and Obama – they’ll still be just as popular and insufferable long after Obama’s administration is a memory.

  2. Roland Says:

    That’s a tough choice…Obama or the Cowboys. At least with the Cowboys though, I get to keep more of my money and freedom but still….dang that’s a tough choice!!! lol.

    The biggest frustration for me are these fans who adopt them as their team. How EASY!!

  3. Jeff Says:

    Yeah — trying being a Lions fan! Now, that’s hard! I’m 44-years-old and they have won only 1 playoff game in my lifetime…

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