Cable News Race

Latest results: CABLE NEWS RACE
MON, DEC. 15, 2009

FOXNEWS HUME 1,917,000
MSNBC MADDOW 1,321,000
CNN COOPER 1,207,000
CNN KING 1,102,000

The only thing better than seeing Olbermann so low is that Nancy Grace is beating him.  Ha!  The only bad thing is that the jackass O’Reilly is at the top.


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9 Responses to “Cable News Race”

  1. Politics & Culture Says:

    I think Olberman and O’Reilly are competing to see who can be the biggest jackass. It’s a close call, but right now I can watch O’Reilly for about 5 seconds and Olberman for about 2 seconds.

    NBC Sunday night football has the absolute worst halftime show in the history of sports. The reason? Olberman. And to a lesser degree, the self-righteous, self-loving, know-it-all Cris Collingsworth.

  2. Roland Says:

    You watch the half-time show? I cannot stand watching ANY pre, half or post game show. That’s a big reason I sorta actually fell out of watching football…because of the talk not just before or after but also during. Many times I watch my team with the sound off and the radio guys on.

  3. Dillon Sorensen Says:

    It’s good to know that the American people like being lied to.

  4. Politics & Culture Says:

    Yeah Dillon, that’s why they elected Obama…..

  5. Dillon Sorensen Says:

    And Bush! And, well…every politician.

  6. michellefrommadison Says:

    I saw a funny picture of Nancy disGrace with the following comment placed into the picture. It reads “Every time a child is murdered, Nancy Grace has an orgasm.” Just hilarious, yet probably so accurate. She thrives on victimizing real victims of crimes. Since Nancy was never a victim of any crime in her lifetime, she remains clue-less to the damage she does to real actual victims of crimes.

  7. tina4washington Says:

    Thanks michellefrommadison, you hit the nail on it’s head on every one of your posts I have seen. No wonder you have a PhD, your excellent! Keep up the great work you do for victims of crimes.

  8. michellefrommadison Says:

    Tina stopped by here and did some blogging on my pc. She signed under her own name, used her password and then blogged. On several sites, there was an outrage because both my sign-in name and her sign-in name came from the same IP-address. Obviously. But, uninformed people had a fit about that because they do not understand how basic computers operate, so they blasted Tina. She was concerned about it and I told her you just have to consider the source. She’s a former grad student of mine and she does an outstanding job at the Law firm too. Uneducated people can just be monotonous at times. The Caylee case is another great example of that too.

  9. michellefrommadison Says:

    It is clear to those that have really scrutinized Nancy Grace’s misconduct that Nancy clearly suffers from a psychological disorder. Might be one of the many reasons CNN puts her into therapy so often. Not for her alcoholism or drug usage she says she does, but for her mental instability.

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