Where is the change?


That is what we heard for much of the Obama campaign.  He talked about setting a new tone in Washington.  That he was not the same old D.C. insider.  That, if you choose Hillary or others, you would be getting the same old thing.  That his administration would be new.  Would not be Washington insiders.  In fact, I think Mark Elrod pushed this idea as well and was just about crying over how different this administration would be.

Have you seen his cabinet so far?

Mr. Obama, we are still waiting for this so called “change”.


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9 Responses to “Where is the change?”

  1. Jonathan Says:


    I think you’re mistaken about what kind of change Obama has promised. The way I understood it (and I did follow the campaign fairly closely), Obama has promised a change in policy from the last 8 years and an end to the hyper-partisan politics of division, not that his administration would be filled with political newbies from outside the beltway (GWB was the one who ran as a Washington outsider before abandoning that rhetoric). I expected him to govern as a centrist (not the ultra-liberal caricature the right has painted) and to appoint smart, competent, experienced people. His appointments so far seem to be garnering mostly praise. I’ve collected a bunch of quotes (McCain, Brooks, Greenwald, Hewitt, Boot, Kudlow, etc.) here: http://jonmower.com/wheres-change

  2. Roland Says:

    Obama said things such as bringing a new attituide to Washington. About being innovative. About changing the status quo. He ripped on Hillary and how if she was elected it would be “politics as usual”.

    Well, from his cabinet, that is sure what it seems to be.

    He said he was going to “bring change to Washington”. I guess that statement was just relative? That it’s not until AFTER the election that we find out exactly what the phrase means?

  3. Jonathan Says:

    It’s true that what he meant by change was often not defined very precisely other than a change from Bush’s policies and an end to the “politics as usual” politics of division. I certainly didn’t expect change to mean appointing a bunch of outsiders who would be unlikely to be able to govern effectively. If you did, it seems like you should be glad that your expectations were wrong.

    As far as change from previous Dem administrations or a hypothetical H Clinton one, Brooks points out: “Unlike past Democratic administrations, they are not just handing out jobs to the hacks approved by the favored interest groups. They’re thinking holistically — there’s a nice balance of policy wonks, governors and legislators. They’re also thinking strategically…”

    Do you have any comment about the praise his appointments have received from the likes of McCain, Brooks, Greenwald, Hewitt, Boot, Kudlow, etc. ? Hewitt praising something Obama has done? Now that’s unexpected!

  4. Roland Says:

    Inexperienced is one thing which I did not mention at all. Pulling in just about everyone from the Clinton administration is quite another.

    “not just handing out jobs to the hacks…” LOL. That is SUCH a funny quote. Oh…my….let me wipe the tears away!

    I could really care less what McCain says. In fact, that fact that he is praising these makes me even more glad he was not elected.

  5. Jonathan Says:

    The hacks quote might be hilarious if it weren’t typically so true in regards to presidential appointments

  6. Jonathan Says:

    As an example, Clinton appointed a childhood friend as chief of staff before having to repace him a year later.

  7. Dillon Sorensen Says:

    Obama has chosen some of the brightest minds in the Democratic party to serve in his administration. Many of them happened to work for Clinton. What is the problem?

    And PS – what is up with your passionate hate for Mark Elrod? It seems like one of the primary purposes of this blog is to bash him. Play nice…

  8. Roland Says:

    Hey, I’m just wondering what his thoughts are on some of the changes in the political world. If he would come out of his spider hole, maybe we would know.

    No problem Dillon…just, as I stated in my post, where is the change? He campagined that he would not be a Washington insider, as Hillary or others were. The he would bring a fresh prespective to the White House. We’re still waiting.

    Oh…maybe it’s the fake office of “President elect” he is trying to pass off as offical.

  9. Jonathan Says:

    Even Rove…

    Thanksgiving Cheer From Obama
    He’s assembled a first-rate economic team.


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